Musa Mseleku's EX Breaks Makhumalo's Heart

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4:32 ....explosive period


I loved the first competition I wish i was in it

Black Ninja

Guys u r really cool...i like ur video

Shreya Gin

He is Disgusting, Scum, Slag, and Monster. Someone should cut his lower part.

Scarlet Speedster

Anyone else noticed that the main character joel changes his checkered shirts everytime?


On number 5 the music that played when aperture logo came up sounded like the music from left 4 dead when you complete a safehouse


Lil tormy

Tom…………don’t talk me to me right now………


Well you finally did a video with easter eggs and your voice.I can finaly die in peace.

Ethan:Does an extreme great funny prank to leave an emotional scar🤣


Did he died?


I was abused starved abd drugged and childhood also. But Jesus Christ did a diffetence abd i did not end in a mental hospital. Iam a sane mental person thanks to God. I forgave my parents abd my siblings and all those who abused me abd i forgave myself also. So iam in peace. I remember almost all the abuse i received and many times i get flash backs and get panicked, but God reassure me that everything is ok now. And iam happy. Iam and adult and a girl and the sane time. Lol. But i dont have split personalities such as you.


The girl who's reading this out loud needs to chill...

Mo L


rayyan mirani

why are you guys shooting in the water and polluting it


I thought they would have passed on this video idea lol

Daniel Tentori

And the version of mila kunis when is it coming ?


Now THAT is a secrets video. Great stuff, great stuff!

Donna Bloom

do kobe

Taha Ahmad

Guys what song

Nico - Roblox

Just Watched The Grocery Store Stereotypes Did You Fix Your Basketball Court?

lydia joshua

Ya stupid

Cadan Montes

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Ty wears his seatbelt under his armpit


That Starbucks in the Target looks exactly like the one by my house

Gabriella Sorrentino



thats the way crumble cookies


Hey Sam, this Quesadilla Looks (and I'm sure taste) Amazing!!! It definitely made my list of to do recipes... I also wanted to say "Thank you for taking the time to come by your restaurant to meet my wife & I last Thursday when we were down in San Diego, (very kind of your employee to text you that I was hoping to meet you). It was such a pleasure. and honestly, what you see on these videos is what you get in person. It was Great to just hangout & get to know you (even though it seemed liked I've known you for years), The Tacos at Not Not Tacos where Incredible, we ordered like 6 tacos (just to sample) for the 1st round and ended up going in for round 2 (like 1/2 hr after). We will definitely be back when we are in the Diego area (one of our favorite city to visit). Till next time, my friend. Take care.

samir mondal

I want the original story of Dhirubhai ambani the richest man of INDIA he went from rags to riches with his vision and idea