Muvhango 20 - Eps 117 (20 June 2019)

Imani realises that she might have made the biggest mistake of her life. The effects of Gizara’s healthscare put a strain on the family. Sundani is not impressed that Tenda is bringing Dee to the house.Catch the new series 20 ofMuvhango Mondays to Fridays at 21:00 on SABC 2. Watch the full episode here on YouTube, directly after the normal TV broadcast, at 21:30!Muvhango Facebook page: Twitter: 7 day Catch-up: series continues to strengthen the two opposing families, the Mojalefa’s who are the newcomers and who bought into the Vhakwevho family business, changing course into construction and taking it to new heights; the Mukwevhos who at first welcomed the new family into its midst but now see evil intent and scheming in everything they do. The battle for power between the two families culminates into outright war over a family incident which finally pits the two families against each other, both in this generation and the next

Pros: When a service occurs let's say a coca cola can is being sold, the consumer values the can more than the money and the producer the money more than the can. Here the service is great and make people great! This is the trade reason.

Georgia’s Classy Cooking

I like who this has both sides of the story!




Oml, they can step on me

Addison McWhorter


Nithish Magician


Connor Dickerson

Cory should’ve been in the bathroom when the Seahawks were at the 1 yard line


6:11 Most sensible way to get off a motorbike, period.

Jason Diosana

u adopted panda

Eli Woody

I did the three pack ball trick with a left handed club and I’m right handed and I don’t know how

Jordan Glover

People say this is fake but its real guys so shut up

Depression, anxiety, etc please talk to someone you trust. 🙂

Esra Itawi

Am I the only one that thinks Emma’s personality has changed a little, she’s a little less interested in Ethan, a littles less nicer and little more serious... thoughts? 🤔

Zomblatic 2004-2019

White guy no white guy no white guy no black big guy LAZER EYES

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Who cares

star stable gamer

This is so sad no one should beat up anyone


The card game in this was so much fun! I've always wanted a real deck but I can never find one.

losamarillos88 Palmiro

This is the dumbest shit ever




I want that plane

Jessica Eigol

It took over year and a major breakdown for my parents to listen. I tried talking about it several times but it was always brushed off.

Lalitha Ramakrishna Reddy

everyone has a purpose stay strong and always stay around ppl who understand,care,and most importantly love u work hard so that u cud hv ur sis back cause i understand the pain of not hving a sibling but being seprated is even worse stay strong,be succesful and acomplish your dreams.All my love from me.Anu

Sidali Dae

D lo 🔥

LowEnd Gamer

I Knew the Borderlands 2 Minecraft one would be 1st

Fit n Fab

This was actually funny. I didn't want it to end.

Capi R



منو عربي

Joshua Nichols

Sean Connery was rapey as fuck.

Gonzalo Sepulveda


Один из лучших чемпионатов был в Бразилии

Bj Mg

the division is based on Easter eggs.. so good job making a video about this game and keep it up bro..............pines (sorry I mentioned peace )