my intra day market entry strategy

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0:16: "I don't want to get stranded and have to run home."As he's going to workout and exercise

Sumweerd guy

I’ve never played any borderlands games but holy crap does this look amazing

Why when people are hurt, do they hurt themselves. If people are hurt wouldn't they want to feel better, feel good? But instead they are cutting their wrists? I don't get it...


it curved not real

himo kadah

the only thing we are seeing is  a BUTT

Harry Lavigne-Schmidt

Thos cops

Connor Brisbin

what's brown and sticky a stick

No sé quién la daño


1:53 beast

Rachel Custer

the pink bears are dice's version of the teddy bears from treyarch



Paul Gloudeman

I am one of your biggest fan.i love your videos and can I get a shout-out and if you don't thank you for trying.i am a girl.

Diogo Pinto

whats the name of the music played on 7:51

princess Rihanna friends chips

You are out of your goddamn mind

skeexix 01

Level out your leans to the right. Sammy boy.

Jason Romano