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Quiet Breeze

Still have no clue what's going on but this looks amazing!!




A Stargate references video would be extremely cool!

Pancakes Waffles

Anyone here in 2018


This was very enjoyable to watch one question though, where can people send you music? I have a very talented recommendation!

Lionel messi

I will save North Korea and make it a democratic country who's with me lik

lavine 45

Is it me or does everytime ty does rage monster it happens to cody😂

Sofia keats

Okay so first off, bars. And second, I love how Cody’s voice changes in every song. It makes it rlly interesting lmao like wow this time is he gonna be a pirate or have an actual deep voice? Who knows

Pure Gold.

adam kennedy

When is Tony ferguson going to get the respect from the fans for what he brings to the Ufc. The guy is an absolute beast and is without a doubt the best all round fighter in the division in my opinion.

Lucas Pont

this made my homework eat my dog

Abdo 25

What happend to panda


the worlds biggest slingshot was my favorite


The ending was underwhelming

cody mitchell

you guys must love your jobs :)

The thing that hurt me is......

survival shelter ideas

you are really perfect as your channel name guy, really awesome

dark Cat

Do Mikey Garciaaaaa


To be honest this is exactly what i expected what you to sound like.


So the marriage wouldn't have survived if he hadn't gotten bored and fucked around with some random chick for a few months only to realize he really loved his first girl? Lol

Michael Sanchez


AJ's Wonderful World

What happened to Corey?

Psych, I just wanted ppl to smile, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Allan Rodriguez

Anyone notice that the celebration is cam Newton's superman

Jiyed Miah

Playing fOrtnIte on a ps2 controller pff he’s a alien


Panda is one of the editors Tim or Chad They switch


I understand you when I was born I had 2 brothers but one died. But now I have another brother his 2 years old oh and I hope you give birth soon to a girl.

Yvesyvan Valenzuela

No rage monster


his name is "say hi to the camera." play it back and see what you said ty.

Niklas Nutz

A true easter egg YouTuber is a easter egg himself. Well thats 2017 man 🙃

Black Mirror easter eggs soon?

Sunny Wolfie

Wait I know this one is Julianne right?? Copiers

Shameria Price

If you see this I pray you get rich one day 🖤

Like if u agree

Rebecca Beattie


Kawaii SugarGlider

This is off topic, but sometimes for no reason, I freak out over even numbers. I can't count and end on an even number. It must be odd! 😕😅

The Raging Phoenix

They were already gods, tf

Henry Pence



thanks man im getting the game

jelle tilburg

do a far cry 4 easter egg!!


I think their parents are alive.

Mason Amphlett

2019 eny one

Lashonda Citizen

Cory had 1star

ayyan yeet

Ogust tweny fif

RipAngel Xxxtentacion

1:50 Garrett is on The right..But when it says Mr Commercials Tyler Comes to the right..

Cast Kings

2 funnest parts r fishing for the catfish and cruising onthe eskis


It's sad the only good thing bout Colonial Marines is the Easter Egg that 90% of players will have missed O_o


I go with around 7 of the signs and i feel like im depressed but I dont know what to tell my mom or dad. They might think I'm crazy. Please help me.

Loud Pack

My name jeff


3.3 minute videos