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Clarence Richardson

Anyone else irritated

Connor S

Edward Scissorhands scene tho.. oof

NBA Brokeboy

your gonna be as tight as hell when your mom finds out that you have millions of... of... viruses...

Mackenzie Thorne

Twin power takes over

sirius A

the easter in lfd 2 has been find

prashant Mahangare

Coby first win 🤴🤴🤴🤴


Why does this only have 11M views??

Dimon Z

Есть кто русский?

Yo Lost Child

*video fades* *zombies screams* *gunshots* ........

Karthik S

Breaks records of boomerangs

Freddy DC



I wish rage monster but im the sleepy one😭😭😴

synn kritikal

Very uplifting

Skylar Gaming

เปลี่ยนสำเนียงไทย แล้วกลับมาสำเนียงอังกฤษได้แบบเทพมาก..

Leobanantoe Alkhayat


Carlos G

My got 3 day

Actually happened

Deecursed . exe

i found all of these by accident and didn't know they where Easter eggs

Pomeranian Boss

Tyler is so different without his beard

Sumeya Aden

How did you get that experience

Marcello Jonathan

You can type indo????

Fidel Munoz

My highest is 2234

Squiffles Squaffles

Very relatable.


should do it again

Ryleigh DeMarse


ukkie puk

Did you travel to the netherlands or to Belgium?

Jesus Romero

/I mean 7:21


I remember Perfect Dark. <3

Gacha Kitten


Maryh Santos


Generic Fire Dude

For some reason, I thought the grave of the dabbing skeleton was gonna be named Jake Paul or Logan Paul, just a thought...


You are the best

순 새


HeyIts Vienna

1:44 just to get a low A.

Kevin Ly

may 2018?

Daily Cookies

:o I have no words except....


I thought Bond tricking Solitaire into losing her virginity to him was quite nasty.

Uma Menon

That was just AMAZING!!!!!

Keenan Britt

Hey Dude Perfect just wanna ask is it sure that I can be in one of your trick shot video it would be thankful for you to reply if u can thanks dude perfect pound it noggin and have a bless day

wait.. this isn't the same channel?

Chase Hokett

the trophy said" awarded for the world not ending in 2012"

Keya Raina

lmao i can’t believe they called Buddha a “gold lady”

เกียรตินาคิน พลภักดี


June 10th, 2019: Helicopter crashes on top of 50 story building (Today)


What the heck kinda relationship is that

Hike Plays


Kakashi Hatake

I thought it was the actual supreme company leader XD

Yo Sauve

Literally been her sense 2,000

Professor Rick

SpongeBob is actually Season 1, Episode 13.


Halle is the bomb!!

Inioluwa Balogun

Me before watching video : Sees video clicks on it because why not i love to see a kid get beat up by there mom, after calling the cops on there mom.

CodyDay _23

Film at Washington Nationals Felid

Green Ninja Ty1

its like the real Mr Kamoshida

Michael Alexander AR

3:30 😑?