Night Island

Even if you hate it, I'll make it feel like you're in it, though

Rss pt

4:37 que película es

Nathaniel Plays

recorded with a patatoe

Oʙᴠɪᴏᴜs Hᴀᴍɪʟᴛʀᴀsʜ

Or.... you could've just gone to marriage counselling in the first place... cause emotionally destroying a woman will (most likely than not) leave her desperate for your return, and that's emotionally manipulative, and saying that you saved it was an extremely stuck up thing to do. Go kiss your own sorry ass man. Hope she finds out she deserves someone better.

amaru shakur

24 hours got me see blue dragons 😂

Peter Kang

When you guys were there, where was Garret?

muh bilal0987


4. Rule follower



Actually happe-

blue heart 101

and I oop-


Revelations is the best.


You forgot the "Spongebob I hope thats your nose" line when SB buried himself under ground and all you could see is his nose.

Stop Hating on Lil Uzi

Nigga fucking injured

Alec Cooper

Get Matt Stonie!!

Eloy Franchella

That last one XD

Peyton Tran

2019 anyone?


Hope you and your sisters are doing alright


Do tom brady

Morris Vink

This is STILL my Fav D.P. vid. :D

I am a tomboy this story is sad but that bit really offended me. :(

Also, who's sharing this to their parents to convince them not to punish you ever again?


UGS Noah

any 2019??

Perfect perfect perfect perfect

Eryk Severin

I'm watching in 2016

2pointwinner 2.0

At 3:29 it shows a room with the name Jeff toney and it says under that Mr P for panda. Is that panda?

Dalton Cardenaz

3:16 - 3:45 was the best, who agrees!?!

Ephrem Bejiga

why is cody pulling his shorts down