No BS DayTrading - Is scalping legit?

I discuss the methodology of scalping, explain why it's a viable strategy, and go through some interviews with well-known traders who are living proof that size matters. Change the quality to 720HD for the clearest picture.

Dwayne Tulk

Those are a bit small

Ricky Hoey

This is perfect.

tHiCc eLMo

The pro Anna account is like short for the pro anorexia account.

Guru, you sir are the king of Easter egg hunting!

Fancygirl-6oom Fancygirl

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Alex The gamer

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Alejandro Gomez

All I wanted to see was KD vs Kawhi. If KD and the whole Warriors team was healthy this would've been over already. It should've been Warriors in 3 but since they're not healthy, The Raptors definitely won this series if they go on to win.

Milana Odushkin

Thanks for everything you rock

Rajesh Jin

Yeah well I'll believe it when I see some actual gameplay footage. Right now it jus looks like your regular (mildly) awesome cgi cinematic trailer which isnt gonna resemble the real game in anyway.

And after that i realised you meant your previous videos

Greyson Blanchette

Spending as long as you can in pitch black

David Lopez

At the graveyard are various references to famous people, the firts windmill has a reference to character of "Don Quijote"

Yomery Recio



Why a wall why not a magic barrier

Frickin fricks

Force unleashed still looks better

Miguel Valdez

Nice JSE references.

Kyra England

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Charo D.

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