No Stop Loss Swing Trading Forex Strategy 😵

No stop loss swing trading forex strategy so be wary. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE I think this strategy has some hidden dangers to it but let's inspect it in some detail.We have two EMA (exponential moving averages) that in my case happen on a daily chart.Although I would say this strategy would work on other liquid forex pairs and other timeframes above a 4 hour.The theory is that its a standard moving averages crossover strategy.So you're buying when when the 9 period moving average crosses above the 18 period moving average and you go short when the 9 period crosses below the 18 period.One warning to this is that the risk is open-ended - you have to trade small size otherwise the risk is too high.You have to be disciplined with this as if you get a few sharp days against you it can really hurt.

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