OANDA | Buying and Selling Limit Orders in Forex using OANDA fxTrade

A limit order is a market order that includes special instructions preventing it from being executed until the market price reaches the price you specify when creating the order. In many situations, a limit order reduces the risk of entering into a fluctuating market where the exchange rate could suddenly move against you.

dragonball slayer326

Jaiden:what the f- As sea levels rise the time in each tide cycle that can be used for draining the interior decreases.

The Fuckerman - GhostGamer - Linko Juice

That 2D anime girl in Shadow Warrior is the same model in the 1997 original

MR. Cheeki Breeki

you know what guru means it's mean teacher in indonesia

David Endres

I definitely want to see this. Terry Gilliam is the man!

s thrice

Good lord. Now I'm happy that I'll never date.

Lexa Jackson

Bass pro


Rodrigo Cortes

Why are you guys so surprised when you accomplish your task? Isn't it expected?

Corey Brightwell

“It’s not about winning it’s more about not losing” - Purple hoser

Anonymous. Official

He makes music that don’t sound like poop he won golden buzzer right there

Keenan Ignacio

3:08 it went in :O

gamerx Moriarty

How so people find these

Do you know the muffin Man

1:54 so there I was

jungkook's tiddies

But I don't know what I do well

Sam-Esther Bidzeh

She honestly seems to have a nice personality I mean I don’t understand why yall hate her

Daley Hill

Did anyone notice that Garret’s shot at 3.09 bounce back up in the hoop??

Annashae Ingram

my period is late & im 13 but last month it came on the right time as the month before but this month im 2 days late 😰


“There’s the emote! There’s the emote!”


Great videos mate. Keep up the good work!

Corrine Kelly

Congratulations Garrett!

KingK21 !!!

How does this man never make a bad song? Fkn how? Lol. Hes unreal.

Frosty Wasp

We love you Stan Lee

emmyr Renxia

another talented punk who makes me cry because of his awesomeness....🙏🎩

Cumali Kocovali

Dude perfect)


yes long did you do this chanel

William Massey

I've always been a Cory fan!!!

Tristan Chan

omg....dude perfect got showed up.......ricardo ftw

Martha Herndon

what a SHOT


No problem bruh :)

Lalit Daga

If John Wick used cards this would be his version!😂😍


1 MONTH LATUH,26 thumbs more than you have.

Playz Trayz

What about the hogger?Or the guy that never misses shots?Or the kid that’s better than everyone there

Keith Rosenthal

Unbelievable!!! Great video guys!!!!!

Brandi Carey

You need a swimming pool


This video made me racist

Unknown Atlas

Just that first Easter egg got me hooked. Love your editing btw