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More Witcher 3 ones please!

Olivia Serfass

Frozon 11 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Burningflame2008 AJ


Emily Triola

2018 anyone?

The Random Twins

your vid is messed up like not working

Guy : ArE yoU okAy?

game: fuck you

b.4 You plz

Sent me a tshirt bro plz your fan


Hilary Follett

"that girl" is me 🤣

Mond Dicht

@DullerDadymac After you turn the power on (which is in the room with the pyramid) you don't have to wear the P.E.S. inside.

moatasem Samy

11:59 :D

Vaughn Lee


ella sepe

me: breaths


She took each wing the best I’ve ever seen

Najat Rahim

I bet one of them is the panda


:10 Carl's Jr. FTW

Can't find it? It's because nobody is perfect.

Amber Kesteven

It’s the high to low and low to high

fam i’m getting angry now wth

OMG this is so RELaTaBLe

Student Brady Butler

That was so awful I’m so sorry about you

Sup Anator

Someone's probably gonna be like " rage , rage you didn't tell me their was spoilers rage , rage cussing some joke about my mom some weird thing about coming to my house of killing me."

Lima Ramsay

Send me a gun plz

Gucci 999

He is not the richest person ever bill gates is

Kaden Mays

Too bad it won’t be on Wii U cause that’s all I have

Lowie XD

Good song choice

Fatimah Khan

Some people are not fit to be Parrents... even if they think they are... they destroy their children's lives.

Lock Tnt

I feel so bad she’s wanted to meet her mother

aka Rafugito XD

Im the Trash Talker and the Power Button Pusher

Freez69 700


Death Sentry


Tragic Magic



That queen magizine got me