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Michael Smith

also 2019 anyone

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o my god ik have my period now for 5 weeks straight its hell in so scared im going to have this to

Anime Joel

At the end he say "yee hah" and we see his hammer

Zephyr Tiger

11:13: It landed upside down

Jke Stang

Katnis everde is the main character from the hunger games

Mikado Way

At minute 2:03 there is a nude girl..

Kerveen Gapas

didnt know mark zuckerberg works at fbe

Fred Parrish

Hmmm. I wonder if 8k TV's will be substantially cheaper by Holiday next year. I can't afford 5 grand for a TV ;-;

Stick sets on fire

Nathan B

Who’s watching after that blown call in the NFC championship?


are you serious?He is a mass killer in the movie Friday The 13th.Google it and shit yo pants.

Dude Perfect: LET'S GO

Vinícius Almeida

Can someone show this to J.K. Rowling?

Company Mozo

Bro apply for NBA jessus xD

yo mo

So close to jungkook, this video is dangerous.

domi e die 07


Ryan Keane


tnt 498

Dude perfect in a nutshellDuuuuudeUPDimeEditionPiracyEdit and more editRem sleep FunEdit and more cut out of failsChromeTomato red ragedid you read the whole thing? if so copy this and put it on every DP vid u watch! (by tnt498 hehe)The edit was fixing spelling ERRORS

Roger Rabbit

Hopefully this will silence all the naysayers of the first movie.


that Up music still is fucking sad tho

Parita Patel

Park steryotypes

ThePearson Brothers


Day two- no cramps little blood

neil graham

What about the hunks of dog meat

Jeremiah Jeremiah

I feel so bad but thanks well get better