Part 1a: 9/20 EMA Strategy Explained

My first video attempting to explain the 9/20 EMA Strategy.

Lilibeth Batres

This is relatable.. wow

Gee Coo

Man just listening to her laughter 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Ansori Ansori



Prince Ea for next president!!💯😎

Charlie Friedrich

last one


Yes i am a fish watching a video.

Vara Lakshmi

Where is the way to the roof 😕


How tf did no one believe that KSI was rich RIP man😂😂


Cory looks creepy


I hope this fulfilled his dream

Leave Blank

how far is that?

Bendegúz Kraus

Illuminati ?

User 981

FANS LIKE ME: Ufff, that was too much for my body

Tom Sievers

Watch Trick Squad Part III, it will make you lose yourself

austin freese

check out my trick shot videos

γιαννης ο τουρκοφαγος

God,any god,doesnt and didnt exist. Just believe in yourself and have faith in your power,because you have it inside you. You dont want a god to find the meaning in life.

Jami Mariah

my childhood is down the drain

That cat has seen too much shit