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What a scam


Me: looks at my wallet* Okay, no more.Sees Elsa in trailer: ah shit, here we go again.


Just when I thought I'd seen all the cool easter eggs there were to see, you come out with another awesome video. Nice work.

Poonam Kaur

worlds largest sling shot was just amazing

Azzam Shahid

Who's watching this in 2016?

Kristova Walker

Love this recipe

I weigh 90 pounds at 13

maruša pirkovič

that is cruel!!!you hurt the minion

Isabelle Hunter

I hate the stupid girl

Nicole Saw Yee Chin

Why did no one called Child Support?(Although my country doesn't have Child Support)

Being bald is not bad and I'm on some medice that makes me insecure about my body

sad aesthetic

There was a "STOP DO NOT EXERCISE" Ad before this video...

Dick Thunderchamp

Yes it is, it was originally a project that Marcus Pearson worked on then he had some assistance from his friend. The game got popular and he needed more people to help with it and thus Mojang was born.

Dimitri Raditya

After playing through for the 9th time 2 years ago i thought that was it. Why would i go and play it again for the 10th time... but alas, here we go again.

she went to therapy because she lost her hair??

Javi Herrero


German Deineka

Кузьма опять всех сыграл...