Programming A Forex Indicator to Send Push Notifications

Mql4 Progamming Tutorials and Forex Trading Training. February 2019If you have the money to trade but not the knowledge then I suggest you go to this "TierOneTrading" platform and spend a dollar to get the 14 day trial. This will give you partial access to the platform and help you decide if you have the knowledge and discipline to trade. Invest in your education FIRST.a Patreon patron Management Tool: kindle book at: you are not already a Patreon Patron please think about becoming one. These videos are time consuming to produce and the information is not freely available any where else. There is a reason why if you type in mql4 lesson in google.. my videos will appear more than once on the first page.If you would like to see more of this made available on Youtube. Become a patron.. Thanks.... and PipPip...This video is packed full of good programming information. I get many questions about how to make your indicator send you a notification on your phone. We will put the alert and the notification into our program and make sure that it only goes off once per candle and only goes off if the signal came on candle 1.Then I show you how to set up your phone or ipad to receive notifications, and set your meta-trader platform to send them.Also I reveal a slight difference in an alert and a notification function call. Open your Editor and start typing along.

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