Pullbacks In Forex - Don't Get Crazy Here

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Aex Lee

My father had an affair, so i came here to understand what a gold diggers perspective is like, trying to understand her, and hope not to become one myself.

Becky Tellez

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wow, your voice is just too good. You should talk more often

jaketuber !

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Ree man

Could the guys dad be red because they both have a Pikachu partner, catched Mewtwo, and is held as a great Pokemon trainer thing


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Slippery Sloth69

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Samantha Davis

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Nelly’s Box!

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Thomas Kathros

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Jessica James



Great video as usual Guru always love your editing. Have you found the panoramic map and it's relation to the same type of drawing near mount shann? I assume that's one of the games mysterys that no one has really found yet what it really is unless its a sort of easter egg like the one in gta v where the game has to be 100% complete to get some easter eggs first.

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Galaxy Springy

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Ellie_Edits xo

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Rylan MacEwen

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