Purchasing Power Parity

Daxton Alarcon

who is watching in 2018?????????

Furaha Muhigwa

I have a story

Family Brooks

camp s t

Zachary Rodriguez

Listen to my brother on soundcloud @ypc hotboy

Solomon Pennix

he got supa aim

That one guy

Any one else notice the owner of the irish pubs name was o sullivan. Reference to the show sullivan and son?

You get arrested for Assualt


I hate it how tyler aka beard guy always wins the competitions or gets the last shot so it's so predictable

Satorr Channell


Torii Kowalski

Favoriteyou tuber

Death dragon

How do you do this bro and Redbirds I'm new at this and the first time I try to get my hair done tomorrow

jack wright

I really wonder about this where was Hillary at and Bush? The left?

ann moses

The background song - Love is action _Tauren Wells

ryan Stevens

What is the foot joke about ????

Out of excitement, when the drop came, I shouted loud "HAKUNA MATATA YA!!"

Trickster Spirals

the Fixing Woody scene is honestly my favorite in the movie

Prominer Dude

4:31 my fave



Will Moose

jazz hands 1:23

Mike Pa

Is Garett in ,,TEAM EDGE''?

Dream HUN

Germany won

Cupcake Puffy

Who else has an abusive mom like in the video?

Sheela Morena