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Arx Mechanica

Take my money!!!!!!!! 👍😎👍

Stella Kuang Vlogs

It's okay, i had to live this life too. stay positive, and you got this!

catherine richter

How do you make a trickshot video with music and editing like yours love you lots

All time favorite.


Here is a petition to get Google+ to fuck off:

Rim Hossain

Where is Ep 3?


He throws a nice hizard

Day nine: it disappears out of thin air.

Gijs Kistemaker

12:08 is where you want to start the video! What a great song!

Ashraf Joya

Plz guys come at my home there is a lots of work 😂😂

Christine Eason-Kennington

Are we coby are we

Acromatic BoyZ

It is was checkers I support them

Mauro Manucci

also forgot to add the sword in the stone easter egg


Omg I didn't think my group would do that!i'm not a real Lightning king but still how could my group do that!

Raspberry Wolf

Post Malone brought me here. Thank you! 🙏

Team USA=Like

Maya Playz

When i heard "small town in Serbia"i was like SADA SMO POLULARNI AHAHAHAHAHAH


hey guru at the end of resident evil 7 Ethan says to redfield " what the f*ck took you so long". Could that by any chance be talking about metal gear solid. They use that in mgs 5 when Kojima says it to snake and kaz miller also says it. Without the word f*ck though lol

Lence Smilenska

My life is similar but I am the daughter and my dab is terrible to my mam and mam divorced him when I was a baby then I met him when I was 7 worst day of my life I gust wish I never met him he never cold me or asked me how I do he even doesn't have to see me I had such a hard time and my mam told me I am the one how make the decision now I am 15 and it is going pretty good well not so good😅it is hard not having a father but I wrader have no father at all then have him as my dad

IvAsh_- Heavy

Do you not understand your ILEGAL so you shouldn't of got 20 years there so be grateful you never got sent right back and also you can't get deported against your will because your not allowed there