Reto Forex IQ OPTION 1x1000 en real -DIA 1

PARA ORIENTACION Y FORMACION PERSONAL-de empezar bien el diaganando rapidamente 2 operaciones realizando scaliping,el reto se complica, al final consigo salvar el reto subiendo de 100 ea 232 e.Dale like y suscribete para ver el dia 2.SUSCRIBETE Y DALE LIKE.

1000 subs with no vids

bot or human?

ChimChim95 Park Jimin

Totally unecessary but the boy's clothes in the thumbnail reminds me of Jungkook's clothes in Euphoria😊😊

Wait a minute.......

Critical Kid

Elton John VS Billy Joel

Jesus Romero

/I mean 7:21

orhan koçak

Number 1 that guy is playable

Joanne Green-Spencer

2019 people like this 😀

Артур Шепард

каааак жее это КРУУУУУТООО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I really should begin to watch pro wrestling. I will do so eventually in the name of JOHN CENA!!!!!!

Jadyn Shirk

Tom brady

I smiled but I never smiled in reality

Harry Stallone

man fuck I wish my PC could handle this game!! look at those beutiful frames and graphics!! Well Im enjoying it on PS4 but still....

goldengod 23


Cat The Catolic




ana mihaljcic


Cpt Dank

What the fuck is it with the panda?

Autumn Alford

That was such a touching story, of course you can never replace her but you have all the other things in life

adriana tulejova

This is similar to my relationship with my bf


So gta 5 is gonna be in vice city?

LeGoat Better than jordan

Dead game no one cares

سلومي الشمري

Pleasing and caring

Wes Bishop

I'm so fancy

Dreko Gamer

1m likes... wow

To me......surprised it made the news nation wide.....



ladyhardhands :3

Wolf deserves to graduate. Eagle has a lot to learn with all 4 aspects.

otf_ jarvis

I bet you won't press Read more

Benjamin Kim

team coby 4 evrr

That Pterodactyl

Wow fuck u ann

Lance Michael Menguito

wow perfect