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Ryan Hanley

I love you.

Virtual ウルトラ

Is this a cool game? I mean is it worth it to buy it? Looks kinda cool to me and somehow reminds me of borderlands

up my ass

Downloading burial at sea now!

William Atkins

The Texans need him

Spiffy Turtle

He's risking his career

Aidan Jamieson

Where is Garrett

Miguel Yepez

Jeez, this as fake as a YouTube video can get, and somehow people are buying it, do some research people, this video is disgusting as the fake story it tells

An account just for commenting

Is it just me or gamefreak is running out of pokemon ideas


@MrBuddybros You suck basket balls

Que isso meus irmãos

all time dude

I see dp people do many stuff I try to throw a basketball from halfcourt and l miss lol

Suley Roleplayz

First i dont care about ur marrige right now all i care about where ur daughter is??????


4:09 wasn't that just a normal strike?

furious nick

“my wife let me be with another woman and it saved our marriage”

sellow gamers

Yang nonton orang indonesia likeee


‘Bout damn time the best game in the franchise got some love!

lya astria

i want episode 3

Ethan Botelho

They look like child’s in this video

Tesha Glover

Are we sure she wasn't being catfished by her best friend?

Mikayla Adams

I didn’t shower for a month or two because of depression


OMG 😮 😱🙂

She is works for burger cashier

Lone Wanderer

You can find a reference to see the game of a bath is full of morphine

Nurs Malik

We need more videos including YetToBeThrownUpLemon guy

Gavin Miller

Shoot something as small as I dont know maybe a Tic Tac


Do not take naked or compromising pictures of yourself. Ever! Just do not do it. Risk vs Reward, people. What do you get out of it, versus what you endanger? Not worth it, ever. I have never had any trouble using the word NO to men that ask for a photo. Any kind of man that presses you after the first time you say NO is not a man worthy of one more second of your time. Block, dump, delete. You are more than a sexual consumable item ffs, treat yourself as such!

Happy Bear

thicc ramen

Shipping Chan

When my friends say I’m Dora the explorer

Hew kwai Yau

No no it's a scion spot car.

Edit:this is so good

jamshi jamal

If it acts like a moron and looks like a moron...

its always me

Best part of this vlog was kylie's bodyguard-jose....and she was so nice to him

please sub :(

David Müller

Team Germany is the best

| >🍞 (Sorry it’s bad! It’s my first one)



Drop The BeatxZ




Y'all are man handling those fish



Sam Goff

Ready set go

Jaden Angelo Resurreccion

Shut up science and let me eat my deep fried strip steak in peace.


what is the last one referring to?

Joey Fraser

how did i never know garret was bald


Shrek 5:01

Me: Anyway have a good day!


whats going on

Angel Espinoza