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Whole Armour Ministries

Of course his last name is Yaweh. Complete trash


make a part 2

G D O Drew

Fortnite is absolutely garbage

Eddie Vorreyer

13 and say my name

Alberto Guth

I don't like u no more Ty

Jamaican Youths

great vid had me dying loved it make more

Sebastian Mikulski

best part is when the panda falls from the tree!! hahahaha


it's called Here Is Love by City of Lions!


@SurreaIPower  e @Johnny Creek  guardate che ficata :D

ThatOneRandomFlyingPig :/

This was definitely meant to be a competitive to juling. Everything fits. Nicely done.


I have ocd

Christopher Huff

Cody's haircut

Ethan Thacker

That ghost from Mario looks like it's talking

4 Bros


Nicole Rickman

Luke Rickman

Reaper - Gaming

It’s for my homework.

Genevieve Bauer

You should do fortnite


I’m bullied and no one helps me, my mom tried, but it goes and one wants to help me

Rhianna's World

1:50 okay so you couldn't recall a single bit of memory yet you can remember the whole story?! 😂

96 Xj

that donut looks good fuck!!!

Camilo Gomez

But the greninjas and torterra are also genetic experiments

Rahul Sawant


Kelsey Kolars

panda ambush

Im Deza


Gamin With Aychielle

poor emma


All the movies are in the same universe! ^ illuminauti

Snake Juice

Also at 4:25 there is a book called American History Y is obviously a refference to American History X

Lina Duong

Tell the Power Rangers I said “hi”

Tony Sheehan

whooooooooooo hhooooo


Is that for real

xplaystationgamer x

Welcome to another of: why is this in my recommended video selectionS4episode 678

Paul Crawford Gaming

Nothing for the sound to bounce off of, there’s no sound in space

Andre Nulada


Vanessa Gonzalez

I fell so bad for 🐼


Hey Guru can u do NFS most wanted next?

Pablo Montanez

if your watching this in 2018 reply

D Žar

Y did ethan lie about his age

Sulam Dewan

u guys are amazing

Latoya Brown

no its not the biggest slingshot

Sigi Heydel

your content liked me much been seeing a while and finally I will subscribe to and like greetings from chile

IamPandora Bitches

They went from family-friendly-with-a-little-bit-of-edginess to straight up DARK in the span of two fucking movies, didn’t they?

Sorta like mine...


Hello Dude Perfect. This is Xineoph here, yeah I know its a weird name. But you are the first people I subscribed to.

Romanov fan 257


I'm more a a Nike kinda guy


how much do you think he paid for wiz khalifa? lmao


Next time you make better airplanes jajajajaja

Isaac Cook

3:31 just what is that😦

SSimar Cool

Muscle twitching.. Anyone?