Rockstar is a beast,live session recorded.

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White Raven

Roses ars red

Memetastic Teemo

Um..... why is bard here?


what's a party? do you have to get invited in order to join one?

Evan Tilley

Morxos won


what happens if u teleport to groom lake???



Richie Williams



Рустам Алиев

Тони очень хороший боец

Very well done James Corden..

Lucyy Lovee

That gorgeous mirror 😍

Daniel Danicon

Anyone know what the hack is going on on YouTube with all this commercials ? Is my AdBlock not working anymore or did YouTube change something? If this is the way it's gonna be YouTube is no option for me anymore. Do they think we are retarded zombies or something??

That Fortnite grind Dab

Like if in 2019


this is so sad alexa play "The Interview"

Sergio Condor

Gran video! No se como haces para conseguir tantos Easter Eggs

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Man, that Mullholland Dr. scene, I remember watching it. That camera move around the corner is actually very short, but watching it, it felt like ages. You think about whether there will actually be anything behind that dumpster, you go back and forth, and just when you give up and figure it was just a silly dream and there's nothing there - boom. He doesn't look that scary by himself, it's just a man with a very dirty face, but that slow move towards him and the way he's revealed, it just never fails to give me the creeps, I feel uneasy watching it even now, many years later.

Irene Bautista


Bettina Puskás

First of all, she admitted it. Secondly: he was an asshole with her too, he even cheated on her. And at least she helped her mother too.

Carcharodon Carcharias XVIII, Ruler of the Seas

It was sad that Silent Hills was cancelled. It could have made Konami one of the greatest game developers of the horror franchise this decade... :(

Matpat: am I a joke to you


id rules man !




Apparently, they started developing RDR like this:

Jamal Harrison

Why isn’t this sponsored by rocketleague lol

John Sullivan

make more levels please

Punk Hyena

Problem is the image illegals have.