Schoolboy Businessman Who Made £14,000 | Good Morning Britain

Tommie Rose made the papers after managing to raise £14,000 from the sale of sweets and drinks in the school playground before being suspended.Watch more videos from Good Morning Britain on the official YouTube channel:

Heath Eshleman

Easter egg! The way Paul pitches in dizzy kickball was the way he bowled in ant man and the wasp

Brooklyne Ennis

loved how there was a twist to it do more like it

I see what u did... 😂

Wazy Patty

my name is tyson like the thumbnail


Perfect timing for a new Rainbow 😁

Sam Smiles

Can we take a moment to talk about Ty and his usage seatbelt that made me cringe the whole vid

Dian Setiawan

If Elsa's power is too much for this world. Why don't she help Avengers to beat Thanos??

Dark Hades

Did anyone notice... Coby is wearing the same shorts as the last dizzy battle video......LOL


Call of duty 4 will always be the best call of duty

Joshua Wangerin

Lol. Monty classic!!

First-name Last-Name :D

Ummm his mom was technically abusing him, saying that work is more important than friends!

Infinite Vidz

I love elon musk since i saw this he began to be a huge inspiration for me i am also bullied and i also want to develop humanity


Number 1 is insane

Me: Yes pa pAHHHH AHHHHH MY EYES THEY BURN You are alive

Mace N

ayyy i like that ending


6:01Cody:GO GO GO!


oh and Easter Egg found: DJ Khaled's name on the map at 1:34



Alex White

my next instagram caption is now going to be “we eating good, i’m a fat man” bc BARS

JazGAMER [Fortnite channel]

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