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Nathan Lynch

Or the ND stands for Nathan drake


love your videos but I think you should return to your old style without the music and showing a picture before each point. it reduces the paste of the video. But that's just my opinion. I liked the "grown up/ no unnecessary bullshit" style of your videos.

I wanted to ramble on about INSIDE for a little bit, hence why this is one of my longest videos. I recommend the game, even though I still don't know how I feel about it. I thought I'd bring Part 2 up from being at the end of the year because there was more than enough for a full video. I hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for watching!

lydia lol

How is this a story lol I'm kidding but panic attacks are my everyday life😭


A friend of mine who is a nurse keeps telling me she thinks I have Bipolar Disorder. I think I have BPD because my mood swings are too quick. I can't seem to get diagnosed though. When I'm at a shrink I can't express myself. When I'm socializing, it seems like I'm on a high. However, if someone says one small thing to break my confidence, I'm crushed for hours. This teetering between emotions is really destabilizing. =/ I can't seem to find my purpose in life, so I just sit, doing nothing in particular. I don't succeed at anything because I can't focus on anything. And as I see my years waste away, I see my potential waste away. This drains me emotionally. I'm becoming a recluse, and keep pulling away from people more and more. I used to be a very social person. Now, I maybe go for outings once every two weeks or so. I tend to drink my emotions, and listen to music and hope that I end the night on an upbeat note, but most of the time I just black out and don't recall how it ended. I think I'm better now that I'm doing it at home as opposed to the bars. That's just an assumption though.

big boi

Yes 2018. His name is Tyler,the cat

Hitmarker. exe

Math homework at 5?

AIDS Monkey lol

This deadass sounds like my gf

Leevi Laitinen

I want next episode drop like you want

Jaylen Mark


Jeffery Tan


Ronald Miller

Panda show your then we will give you 15,000 likes and subcribe

Rachel Bessett

i wanted it to be longer it was so cute my cwashton is why only 109k likes that should make a millon!!1

Clever Man

The first song is fancy

Tusher Imran

টাইগার উডস ও আপনাদের কাছে দুধ ভাত!!...

Robert Guarino

4 months..... Put out or get out.


I love parks and recreation!

Cole’s Compilations

i have no words other than i’m so sorry. i can’t even begin to imagine.

Becky M

E said my name😰😍 or like 80% of it but still😂

Sophie Chendriah

My name is sophie and I am just like the girl in the story

Story is great

Richard Charnely

DiD cObY MaKe It To ThE fInAlS?

John Is Singleツ

They called Cp3 to the rockets

Francine Quinn


Val Forsdyke

My dad is the ultimate trash dad

I Snap Crayons

Donald Trump


i love how you ran away from the hare after you remembered what it was

Leonardo Ortega


Ava KM

Aint nobody got time for dat


My history teacher says this is all propaganda lmao


Do a giant basketball horse battle

Mystic Greninja

Im also from the philippnes Manila I got yu bro

Nykie Hypie

the monsters is only a115 not a113

Nacrametix Gaming

Where was that??? Iran? Syria? Cameroon? India????


I love Luke Brian

Taylor Arendall

ive been subscribed to Jenna for almost 2 years and up until now, ive thought Marbles was a girl...

Katherine Barreno

I was confused at first 😅😅