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WE WOULD OF HAD A GREAT TIME but he probably might of killed me later on hmm



Love it🍭

Jacob Lanman


Xụi le

I like panda

BennyBoy 777

Cory looks so awkward without eyebrows. He looks like a alien

Aidan Kane


srikanth.nayak U

He is apool 🎱player


MY CHILD ME IS CRYING!!! this is wonderfull (╥﹏╥)♡゙

sweet pepper

wow jaiden

The Great Micheal Wittmann Himself

I didn't see any guru easter egg in this video


unrealistic match. There arn't people building skyscrapers and that person should have been melted by now.

Gergő Márkus

Archerball dunk

Raging Panda

He shoulda kept tjay and added gunna cuz his verse was good but lil babys verse was wack and polo gs verse on the ogwas better


It’s Nikeets

I’m 12 & I’m 80 kg lol

Paige Belfall

Team white all the way!!!

The Real Mythril

Can you compare Magnesium to White Phosphor?

Rizwana Kousar

Throwback to when ty had a Mohawk and no beard😂😂

Vega Kapoor


Megan Moya’s Soccer Mom Yeh

Nice k-drama


They should've changed their channel name to Dudette imperfect

Grizzly Bear

Have yall did a golf stereotypes

Sunset Wolf

Before watching the video...I can already see what he done ;-;




Build that Wall and make the hurricanes pay for it!

Aidan Stratman

carmelo has a cool yet arrogant demeanor but is somehow not annoying

Yoandi Navarro

I subscribed and hit the notification button

Jas ss It

Every time Asher sang The "One" i thought it was annie lol

Amber Segura

I hate when this one girl at my school says that she smiles and says she has "major OCD" because she has to be neat, even when she doesn't have OCD (her mom said she doesn't.) I don't have OCD but I feel like it is wrong to think that it is fun or cool to have it. What if people who have OCD have pain? I have anxiety and I know it can sometimes be painful. I am sorry for this being so long.

Jasper_ Knight

You shouldn't have sold Instagram to Facebook



Pickle RICK


Aliyah C


Rtt Jr


Squimer Swims

The whole time while she was describing this I thought she might have had trigeminal neuralgia (I just watched that she did have it). My mom has trigeminal neuralgia and it is an incurable disease. Personally my mom has been able to stop some of the pain with medicine, unlike the girl in the video. With trigeminal neuralgia it is impossible to identify it. Doctors are usually only able to figure it out as a last resort after multiple results (for other diseases) turn up negative. Though it is incurable it has been known that sometimes patients of the disease go through years without experiencing any pain, though it might come back. All in all Trigeminal Neuralgia is an almost incomparable disease because of the amount of pain the patient receives. If you personally have it, don’t let it win by hindering your lifestyle.


TheReal Diamond

Friday's and Ruby Tuesday

Unwxnted Friday

Watch meme

Tobi Uchiha

The husband saying having many “homes” or or lovers in this day and age is true, but all parties have to know and agree with this set up. Otherwise it’s cheating and that isn’t cool.

TWV Adventure vids

Lol the cringe how far have they come to were they are now lol

imane feddal

Title : am i a joke to you?

Mikey Johnson

Lord of the rings

Samuel Brahmane

Bad luck Cory

Ishmeal George

your not theonly one😕

Hogwarts Ismylife

Guys this channel is NOT FAKE, some stories may be told by people who do not speak English but can read and write in it so some of the workers voice for them, and some of the drawings are drawn by other workers, please stop the hate!


Me Dude

Get this to the top because idk

1: 2 panels apart

Stevie Belsky

Augh the quality is terrible! I wonder how we lived back then!?

This why you don't lie about your mistakes and always forgive others

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Rheinz Navigar

Part 2 pleassssseeee......


1st place = The best ending to a videogame. Ever.

Please, never leave youtube


i honestly thought that the cod bo 4 easter egg was a fortnite ref...