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angel gonzales



Yall should read desc

Sea Shells

greatideas guys! my grandson Jordan just turned 4 and loves u guys and ur videos! we r in Canada and he a major hockey fan. we found u by accident on Utube so whenever he sleeps over our tradition is to watch at least 2 of ur videos b4 bed! if possible can u give him a shout out on one of ur videos as we subscribe! his name is Jordan Hanlan and he's ur biggest fan! thanks guys! keep up the good work! cheers!

ayman beast

is this game have more creepy eastereggs like the island

The late guy

KittyCatDixey Cupcake

Plzzz school stereotypes ppppplllllllllzzzzzzzz

Michael Evo

Thx guro

{ Yani! }

My mom works 7 jobs.

Randall Scott

I like the girls hair a lot

Ina R


Kartvelian Mapping

what kind of normal person goes in the direction that a deadly lazer hit.


I have anxiety and when I first got it it was bad


Great video man :) , really enjoyed it, and i got one too that i uncovered just the other day :D . In Star Wars The Old Republic game, if you play as a sith warrior you get Vette as a companion and the race that i chose (Darth Maul's Race ) has as perk to inspire, so i tried it off on Vette and when i failed , she did the fist pumping cursing like Ross and Rachel secret thing in Friends. Really cool. I bet there are manny more, and it is really cool they do stuff like this


I feel bad for panda he got knocked out hard

Amy Nunes

who is the panda


lol all the ender chasing you

Mr G0ldtrix

Nice and happy new year

Alex Boricua

Tyler please lose the mustache ... 🤣🤣🤣 looks like something died on top of your lips ya can u make your beard like iron man tony start .. 2019 baby .. can’t wait for new videos tho


This broke my heart. I can't imagine if my babygirl want here...

Harish Dunakhe


Uğur Karaarslan

is 666 points in second part is one of your easter eggs?


I'm the chair kicker

Bella Lanning

And that’s why I hate planes

Splinter Vulpes

at 6:00 its in reference to getting the ray gun in WaW on a specific Campaign level