Stock Order Types | by Wall Street Survivor

What are stock order types? Learn more at: an investor needs to execute a trade, they use order types. There are many different order types to chose from. Things like time horizon, risk tolerance and overall portfolio management strategy impact which order type to chose.The simplest type of order used is the market order. A market order is a order to buy or sell a stock at the current bid/ask price. Limit buy and sell orders are essentially target prices that allow you to buy low and sell high. A limit buy order is used to set the maximum price an investor is willing to pay for a stock. A limit sell order is used to set the minimum price an investor is willing to sell their stock at. Experienced traders that are looking to get their shares at specific prices, limits are used more often than not.A more advanced order is the stop sell order, which is used to sell a stock if the price drops. This is used to minimize a loss or lock in profits. The stop buy order (less common) is used to buy a stock if it climbs higher than its current market price.Learn more about Order Types with Wall Street Survivor's Getting Started In The Stock Market course:

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