Supertrend : Combination of 3 supertrends, works like magic

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Question mark: You have to get into 3 strangers cars

Jack Proudbottom

I wish this wonderful looking game was out for PC. I'm too poor to buy a PS3 :(

Matthew Whitney

Forehead reduction surgeon.

Jack Scharf

Dude Perfect!

Gabriella Pearson

Is Ross the panda

SHIT'S GOOOOOOD🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


The song in 2:30is what

May Punk

Otis nooo!! 😢😭


Geary is Gollum lol

Thee Chubby Duckling

Signature dunk

Grayson Koontz

do a football stereotypes


when your boy gets a new girl

Beyblade people

I like TYLER


Does he love the lab


Isaac Farrugia

My dog died can I get 20 subscribe


That girl was the most annoying person ever

M.D Records

Damn, seems like he went shopping for a long journey away from home with a shopping cart and returning back with bunch of balloons...

Adam Cook

28.39 defo his length haha

Grace Spehn

This sound very similar to the k-drama secret romance😂 it's a great show (cough * cough* watch it on

Sanaa Altamimi

I'm asthmatic as well....😞

Max Hyde

Plot twist: Chandler is a secret billionaire

Dexter Riley

what is with this fad of using pieces of heavily slowed down music in game and movie soundtracks?

William Schwenke

THATS YOUR HOUSE?!!!!! Holy Crap, what's the salary for dp DudePerfect 💰💰💰💰💰

I didn't know what to write


”Is it wrong to hate gay people?”

Dimas Parjo


Original Family Productions

I’m not adopted but I kinda feel the same way because I look more like my mom who is a white woman and I don’t look like my dad who is a Mexican man plus my mom has blue eyes my dad has brown eyes and I have hazel eyes and I feel like I don’t belong in this family! 😭


Garrett is so down to earth I love it :D

Anton Levine

U guys r awesome

Shaun Henry

Your cool 👍

Jason Spears

I love y'all's videos


Dobby is truly free😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

But that drawing of the girls face tho

Critical xMiss

All dressed ships? Canada hype


i thought he was gonna say he wets his bed

Michael Simmons



Thank you for posting this... I really needed to hear that 😊

Haşul la Putere


Hano H

I can't imagine what people with problems like this live day to day. What if her parents died even of old age. Who would take care of her and help her everyday ? That thought breaks my heart

Dumbo Squad


Nick Gallagher


Paul Marin


“NoW yOu doNe It”



Bill Zeke

Feel bad for everything else but not for deportation

Basic Rosario

I hate the mistress

Xx_samed _xX

Does anyone know what brand Odell Beckham’s bucket hat is ?



I got an ad from Boogie2988 before this video started?

Communist International & Co.

This guy was foolish to forget his mom.

George Dodwell

Can you do all sports golf battle 4

Reusable Tissues

She sayed barked its fake

Cian Cosejo

But I'm not a girl

Beau Rangi

I LIKEyour videos

Austin Villarreal

"Look at all those chickens" I heard that you sly Guru! lol