Technical Tuesdays Vol: 46 - ASTROFX Q & A SESSION

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Yan Zakusilo

super funny...

Choy Penaverde

Gustukong pabili

Monica Reynolds

Are you guys Christian

Paran Bhattacharyya



Outbreak 2

Jaewon Lee

what about the name charly?!! lol

jem ceevee

What about mercury in fish?

L Alexander

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Ty: its time for EVERYBODY'S favorite segment! Wheel Unfortunate

tacka tackica

why do i find this actually kinda cool-


wow !!!,I use  this  platform to make my day and ever since  I've been using it, my life has changed .Here is the link to the platform.

joe tigo

Mr Skip Steph is averaging 32pts, haha yeah extremely disappointing 😂

shahmat yussuf

I think .wait I decently know the mystery cats name is Tom

STARY Night moon

Is this real

Kelsey Fournier

"Mamma He's a real panda!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Ernesto de La Luz

Love your videos

Girl, I'm so high right now

Ayush Gupta

I'm 17 and I'm happy to realize that I'll be only happy when i'll die.

Pierre Viguier

having live maggots in my arm is more scary that being in a plane crash


It’s confirmed Keanue Reeves is a vampire he hasn’t aged

Chuggin Clorox

the panda's name is Isaac

iandra santos

part 3

Evincer Fyle

Beard twins tall guy purple hoser... dude perfect something's not right

Gordon Clark


jacks key12

they forgot to blur the dr pepper sign


isnt that thicc QT there ella?


Totally insane how a single security guy shows up and says "come with me"! Had he been black they would have sent several goons with guns and badges! 😂😂😂☻

Sven Pitbull

Like it.