The 2% Stop Loss rule (Trading risk management)

Risk management is one of the most important aspects of trading.How does one manage risk so that a run of losing trades doesn't wipe you out?How does one deal with the emotional risk of not acting on a stop loss?How much money do you risk in any trade?The 2% rule is by far the best way of managing all of these potential problems and ensuring that your position size for every trade is exactly spot on so you don't have to worry about the money - just focus on the charts and the discipline.


Times like these I'm glad I sleep on the second floor of my house. Only Spiderman can get this.

Erwin Ekkel

Here is an idea how about you show us some actual gameplay

shanthosh p

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Jero King

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LuckyMaster 7

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Ghoul Faded Soul

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p i n k y p r o m i s e s

I have anxiety,it's really hard to manage my anxiety. I also have depression and I almost seek help but my Mother prefers to not seek help. Anxiety is like overthinking,I always ask myself "what if I hurt someone?" "Will I look like I'm a attention seeker?" "Will people hate me because of that?" That's how anxiety is like,it was really hard to manage it,imagine yourself in this mess. It's like living in your own filth.

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

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I’m upset I have mood swings but there’s voices, they tell me I’m doing it for attention and I’m just fine, I tell myself I’m not fine and I need help. I feel crazy and I cry myself to bed with guilt and stress. I already have anxiety so that doesn’t help either.

Chloe Collie

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lisa Slack



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Deneth Rajapaksha

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Hydro Fox

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New York Giants

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Connor Dickerson

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Santi Tabares Erices

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Reptile brotha

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Mario Zabala

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blue gamer

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Xbox _Vloger


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I feel so sorry for everyone with teen pregnancy. It must be so hard at such a young age. 😞 I hope the baby has a good life though 🙂


Is it only me? The main character's voice is an exact match to McLovin.

Onni Rahkola



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Khawla Khawla


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