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Wheezing Person

Whenever I talk to people they stare at me like I have three heads.

Jill Clark


Shane Lockaby

Thumbs up if you don't have the game...but will on Christmas lol

Harshu Moradiya

Make giant football video

02 Mod Pasuphan

Your dad in FO3 is Liam Neeson, best fucking easter egg.

Meh Watties

Who else was very confused at the beginning

Rodney Rubayiza

Amazing cross by coby to win

Mehdi Belkacem

How much money you think is in the piggy bank

Tashiba Lampkin

3:17 I'm still trying to figure out how he fell.

Mateo C



Any1 watching after DPHQ2


i think some easter egg are only a reused 3D models.

Pushpa Suryavanshi


SHrEKs AdVentuRe?!1!1?!1

zZSkatmanZz KlownBoy


Missymiss Miss

I had really bad jaundice my mother wouldn't produce enough breast milk she was worried about me she was pregnant with me at 30 years old ideal you my family was very worried about me and I understood why cuz if it wasn't for my mom realizing I won't wake up eat sleep drink while I would sleep forever actually I would have died... so I feel how you felt my whole family is well kind of messed up broken pieces of glass everywhere in which used to be the frame to the family we used to have but I'm fine with my different family cuz every person is unique in their own way and it is really special to be the only healthy person in your family so it made me feel better about my family thank you for putting this video!

Depressedpizza 420

No country roads? Good

Kk Video’s

Wow that’s sad 😢 but she knows she did wrong you don’t have to be a bitch about it and stop hateing

Undead Animations

I have CDO. It's like OCD but the letters are in the correct alphabetical order

- Simuxlol -

I have an idea you guess can go in helicopter and go in 12 km in sky and jump of helikopter with parashiut that was super cool ok?

Bigboy meme

How many fedoras do you own??

aryan vinod

I rock

Jomar Susbilla

He looks like in the big hero 6

Oliver P. Wei Quan

Yay Trixie and Rainbow Dash in Game xD

Super S

:( thats why some people said "life isint short you just gonna do it"

HrvatHrvić •/\• fireboy765

You can’t be killed for being bi in Serbia

Jared Songheng

Lvl 1 Nerd To Lvl 999 Entrepreneur For The Better Future

vhel morphy



i love your videos man, good job!

nicola foley

Take out the rage monster



am I the only one who thinks that san andreas is not a good game? not because its old, I love vice city its probably my 2nd favourite. first being gta 5

Erin Kilzi

I thought Cory would win he found a watch


the wind blew that ball so far left lol

kira hearts

oh god. i see myself in this


Guru in my country mean teacher.


Hmmm... was that last video an easteregg to? Still great video man :D Love it SO much.

El Presidenté


Al Ec

Jenny was just trying to help 😭😭