The Moment Bob Lazar Knew He Was Dealing with Something Alien | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1315 w/Bob Lazar:

Tori Burke

I'm literally all of them😑

Daniel Castillo

you should have given up.

Spanish Infiltrator Messi

The pleasure he had when he was gonna hit the minion lol

O. M.

GURU!! HI!!! GUESS WHAT!!! IM EARLY!!! .. !!!

Dumb Gamer

what is the song

flashback gaming

Sorry guru for the second comment so fast but I wanted to ask what was your patreon name, because I was about to donate and my internet didn't work so I couldn't find the video it says it


Zachyrich Reblesa

I mean golf


Love the "don't do that. don't do that..."

OG Sheldon Aka Jone

wow this real in movie

Sam Orlowski

1:10 hey fuzzy face xD

Ryker Morton


善 Compassion

Ramon Berrio Berrio

I fucking love this channel

ms gacha

Ok... I take your promise👌

TTV smilezz -

For some reason I think that they always let ty win

GlitchBox zK

On the Witcher 2 part you have missed an  ''I'' in the word While.

they'll think i'm just asking for attention.


the two wheller

Jay dog

@beast33663 ur not buying it if its free

Sheldon Spl

20:12 did he say Jesus

ber b

Is iPhone!

Evan Quigley

Please kill me

jim jimjim

BF needs a dinosaur mode.


you are a douche.



Charlie Thompson

Hi I’m on your game today and I have a great day

Valentina Sarmiento

i miss your lip swatches on your launches!


Am I the only who who finds the fact that Guru never sprints in the games that he plays and usually doesn't use music in his videos eerie?... But I love it though for some reason.

Thanks to crispykookies for telling me!

Tilda Jonsson

Awww poor u mike😓

Joshua Atherton

4:33 this is why he plays the rage monster, ladies and gentlemen.

erin blyth

omg all the girls in this comment section thinking bad hygiene is a personality trait 💀 "i'M qUirky, noT liKe moSt girLs"


Oh ducking yess bro I didn’t even know he would make this I’m so happy en route

ET World


Badgyal nok

It takes losing someone to realize how much you love them.