The Power Of Chart Patterns In Trading Part One

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No way. The script writer is jewish

OPM Riotyy

This is #1 on trending, YouTube logic

Sam-Esther Bidzeh

She honestly seems to have a nice personality I mean I don’t understand why yall hate her


The "/" one doesn't work anymore :C

V Soo

Werent thos the wives of the twins??

hell cat

I really hope we'll get one about insects, since it seems they're going to cover the full nutrition spectrum

Daniel Fiedler

how did you get the yellow card and the red card

Somalian Butt-Pirate



how many eggs did u make with your wife or if u have one

Day 1: painful cramps, medium bleeding


I got a joke. It is a good one. I forgot it. I remember now. Guess what. What? Chicken butt. Isn't that one good.

Ceri Powell

Great video

Wild One

Your videos always relax me and it's such a joy to watch!


2:58 Looks like those Hell Valley Skytrees or whatever they're called from Super Mario Galaxies.

H. Gökhan Doğan

i came to buy some earth from here, in 2 months this place will valuable

WAIT it been 4 months after diagnosis how if u had 14 months of treatment




JJ Lee Vlogs

2:00. Cody, you killed the GoPro.

Abby Jensen

Yo me and Kerm are birthday twins

Pusheen Doge

Lol one of the stereo types is “That Girl”

peachy taetae


Daniel García Gómez

This started happening to me but i don't wanna tell my mom cause i'm afraid for it to be real...

jesse riffle

that never hit ty in the balls

shanil rahman

Sun roof shott is asome


all 8 heros are still alive and and everyone thinks the original 4 are ded but there are not remember Kino Der Toten they live but with a casualty samantha. just more than 5 mins on this moon easter egg= nuketown easter egg so moon happened the same time as Kino and with characters living at once i no there 2 different mapsat the same time but then again its just her imagination or so we say



Jason Frye

Th looks most like his dad


Great video man. Keep up the good work!


Real life Captain America

GamingReality '81

It looks like R6 went on mutants planet in mission !!!! Horror in da house !!!

DailyDragon Trainer

Keep in mind, by highschool, students are hardly Actually learning important things. Hostility is high. So in so forth.

- Piccolo

“Your board though is so sick” even though they have the same board

will harless

Lol da whistiler abd the cow in da back ground

Tammy Terry

Sorry for you loss Cody I feel you it will never be the same


Is it me or does “wave walker” sound like “wave f***er”


Who expected him to jump the wing during the 10 million point shot


whats a bkk

Oh wait

Twin Babies

Bobes indeed


I guess at some point you see random Easter eggs in real life. :)

Eliza Puckett

This is a cringy trailered

just nurke

It is so crazy

Ninj a

Season 6 fortnite.

Red Harlow

Pls Nier automata easter eggs!


You're three months and one day early, buddy

Si intentar no es el plan (Intentar no es el plan)