The rarest commodity is leadership without ego: Bob Davids at TEDxESCP

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Tiffany Wilson

That's so easy you're so dumb you know I'm a boy wins does it Tiffany I am one Paga I'm a YouTube or do you Lala do you do you I love you too boo lot so peace out bro bye

Kelsie Misze


Turtle Dude

I’m on team Cody

Roger Niigaani

lol 0:34 in backround and 0:42


on the mission where you destroy the oracle right before you go in kill johnson and take his spartan laser it will be unlimited, also on the map in halo 2 called zanzibar right before you open the doors on the main panel zoom in on it and it will say  A total FU exception has occurred at your location. 



Infinite Hockey

Iam team coby all the way

Danny Liu

#YIAYjob engineERINg

Janki Jinwala

do a soccer tournament

Kim Lilly Yim

Poor girl

I’m younger and they diagnosed me with depression, severe anxiety and an eating disorder

Kristen Jones

This is the dopest song out there

Andre Zöge


Kreative Keira

When the thumbnail isn't very unfairly clickbaity


the sigh

Autistic Man

They edited the times they missed lol

Lil Matiecheverria

Gonçalo Gomes


Ellery Talbot

wheres gar

Friends friends

Eric Cairns

Yea that's me!!!! :D (by Reminiscence

Sam Catterall

It was Elon Musk?????

Couch controller

She’s lesbian


Sad he dint say he was sponserd by voice mod even tho he was using it


This video is so clean it made me sugoi


Se a Aurora não estiver no filme, eu nem assisto

Henry Bakers

I don't get it!

ALSO I get a head injury at least once a month, or once every 20 days or so, that proves you are WAYYYYYY LUCKIER THAN ME (I don’t have my period yet, HAPPY EASTER PLEASE DON’T KILL ME WITH COMNENTS SAYING THEY HAVE IT MORE HARD WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW BAD MY HEAD GETS HURT)

Jennifer Wall


Next day

hi name


Conor Smith

Pretty sure world's longest touchdown pass was called back for offsides...

Joe’s Dad

Why was Mary lazy in the first place tho

KayLNoz Lts

you guys own this song right?

John Michael

Out of topic, but do you know how the developer gave every main character their names?


309 experience trick shots 2!

Rhyno Games

Nick Kyrgios tennis player he so fun to watch

Asha Gonsalves

Jason is best

A. T

babish: crepe :)

Bailey Smith

when is four coming

Jordan Schell

I love you guys

The Hyena Goes HA

i think the one from Stanley Parable was Stanley


Normally DP stands for Double Penetrationgoogle it

Bryce Van Patten

dude perfectis my life

My brothers and I have only done homeschooling, so I don't know for sure what public schools are actually like. But I do know that the public school system is flawed.

lacorda doo

Love your TALENT n PERSONALITY n you make my heart smile!!

susana Claridad

Dad and dude perfect you like 1

Thomas Belleau

You should do it with Patrick Mahomes


I know this doesn’t fit with the video but everyone saying “Happy Mother’s Day” in the comments got me MADD TRIPPING 🤣🤣

Surigen 12

yes but am I the only one having had enough of this "nobody literally nobody [insert joke]" thing?


That’s not bipolar.


Y'all didn't have phones?


I would so be best friends with panda.