The REAL TRUTH About Life as A Day Trader Lifestyle

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Thought Democrats didn't believe in walls... 🙄

WildPants Gaming


Me: “I’m making vitamins mom. You wouldn’t understand”

firefighter Nate

Top10s And Tips

6:49 is what I came for


Hahaha.. For some reason I know what you mean...

Chris Mosher


Mr. Goodhead.

Mr Neo

the dog will win


Lil Quick

Let me open up for y’all !!!!

Shek Md Mokter

It should have been trash can on tall man

Jamarcus Mitchell

You posted this on my b-day!!!!!!

Reinhard Sch

Daybreak??? TRIGGERED

Jonson Marie

Come on men i realy wanted Coby to win

Vivien G

If you want to come to the US get a visa don’t just come imagine that some just started living in your house but you didn’t know them.

Ramen Roger

3 likes & i'll break my moms phone

pure beauty

I’m an introvert.

Minecraft Boi

Where are men

Meme McMeme

The surprise on the mortal combat one was my phone crashing :(

Day 1: A little blood

N Dickinson

Poor panda

Alex Ortiz

6th comment!

Not everyone thinks cod is the worst game ever and not everyone thinks the last of us is the best game on ps3. Your just going along with crowd instead of being original.

Frank Jake

I thought eli/spoiler Liquid was supposed to be like a peter pan he is a kid has a flying person with him has a lot of kids fights you on a boat and your character is named ahab after a character from book with a pirate and at the start you have a hook not the robot arm and he fights with a sword.


“No of course not.”

Kaleb Bower

who is the panda

Oahu Gaming AKA Paddy Daddy

Calli is a pyromaniac confirmed

super puggy gamer

press X to doubt

Sarcastic Potatoes

I feel so happy for the kid, what a hero

SalaD SnacK

There's an easter egg for My Neighbor Totora in Toy Story 3

Vida Kefera

first of all u shouldn’t have gone on a date with someone who cheated on u

Sophie Dixon-Wright

This is really good Guru! My dad showed me one the other day, to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary (a lot of people haven't heard of him, is he in america?) Google Maps planted the TARDIS in London and if you go onto pedestrian view you can then click the double arrow and you can then go inside the TARDIS!! To get to it just type "Police telephone box" if you cant find it add london on the end. It is stunning in there and you get the whole tour of the inside! I Had to reload the page sometimes, im really sorry this is quite long but it's worth it! Thanks :D

Snoop Dogg

I'm gonna be HoeKage!

D3L7A Z7R1K3

The MW3 had me choking with so much emotion I was like "I remember something about the grave!!" my mind couldn't remember and then watching that explosion had me in shock, almost like that was me and I lost everything.

Kaisa Maki


head of illumina

3:00 when your mom takes away your video games.

André Games

5:00 reversed vídeo

Graal Daily

I like the part when it was Mario and he put the music


You never know what you have till it’s gone.


Did he HAVE to leave, or did he choose too?...

Neha Phookan

The man is so spineless

Камышов Антон

Я один здесь русский?

P.S. I'm Russian) -_-


I love you guys so much I hope you guys go to Iowa in Des monies I love you

Jiggin with G 55


Sagambari Gandhi


Radya Arviandi Pranidhana

Great one!