The SECRET to Using the Fibonacci Extension Tool

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klutch rovicdrew

Anyone 2019 like if you are

Fish Daddy

So it it a better xbox one or a whole new console

Nicholas Hubbard

Boo shehawks go Rams

JB Kuz

U know he's LEGIT when he has scars or burns in his hands

bro yo

Can you do vape trick

Patrick Oliveira

Stupid ugly game

Erihne Keelan

Literally me oops


I first found the chest when i was doing a mission for the dark brother hood to kill a miner


'im going to make a brighter future for myself'

i work in international waters

why is Tyler wearing a Michigan hat, thought they were aggjes

Lukah Beckham

2019 anyone

Evo Ecks

you forgot 1 easter egg.The Baseball bat or ball writes Ataturk on it


I Love The last easter egg


you just got a new subscriber,well i have look a buncha easter eggs video series and i havent Subscribed yet so yeah,keep it up

Julia Estrada

How do you make all those trick shots

Vincent Henriquez

Hey funwithguru can u make a L.A. Noire easter egg video


You forgot about Baseball Bat Boy cartoon haha

Mags Saps


And I never saw her again!

kasey lynd

What song is playing in the video

Lenny Meinen

Fortnite PayPal + Ikonik

Mia Johnston-Timplerley

So what happens to her dad lol


I kind of have the same thoughts with the clothing and everything else but i kind of don't really care cuz ik i it will be like this and i can't change it so i keep chill. I only wear sweatpants cuz ik i will be unsure with what i will wear so what would it matter what i wear, so i kinda think a lot of what people think about me and i think they mostly hate me but i kinda really don't care and i keep chill but i when i am alone i start to do the same in this video when she's alone, but i don't really think i have anxiety

HackerMan 9000

1:45 someone died

Connor RK800

So it's just like... Anime, basically...


Rodrigo Sanchez

Btw just looking at ur name makes my brain cells commit suicide

Drew R Burton

But I am on my dads iPad

Tony Timte

I always get the Dragonfruit lol

Barbara Buckner

She kind of looks like Violet from Incredibles except with wavy hair


I honestly wanted them to fight and his brother's and dad beat the sh*t out of him

Paul Padilla

Song blows dick

CatGirl The Little Retard

Im dating a guy overseas, we cant see each other for 6 years. This vid gave me hope.

Pickle Rick

funwithguru your a easter egg master




do top 10 easter eggs in anime series . naruto . bleach ect ,,,,, :)

Ben o7


Dan Wallaker


Jay Gaming

3:32 garret you said that’s messed up when you slapped the ball out of a kids hand

shenali jay

does anyone know the name of the soundtrack?

Kay Tutorials

@(. “ “ . )@

Maichi GLYT

This is a true story, the 911 call is on YT.

Devious Weasel

Roadhouse taterskins are my favorite from there


never knew about the last two easter eggs , to think those "battlefield youtubers" knew their game lol you know who they are

Adam Domonski

Trash mumble mumble boring shit sick of this music that all sounds the same wow a diff chorus im shocked

Brody Hands

Listing to Tyler's laugh in fast motion

Trenton BOI

1 like = 1 respect for Jose Ferndez


You guys just coined a new term "pointlesstupid"