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@InsertNameWhere mini pool

Patricia Barton


Kenny Lindsay

@Lampheader or just stop watching their videos douche

Rebecca Russell

Cody has 0% chance

emanuel velazquez



I really hope as her character develops she will learnt that patience is a virtue.

Hyper Beats


Luke Hyland

Who else saw Garrett lifting 10 pounds


Who is the guy next to Ty in the blue?



Lula M.

This happened to my twin sister I had never met her her name was Allie 😢

Iinh Vu

Can u do jeffrees gloss?


dude perfect? more like YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Ellen Christopher



toronto about to blow a 3-1 lead

Rachana Bhattarai

Steve Kerr 2:44 : I’d be excited for either one

BajenGrabben 07


Cauldron Bubble Batz

Marco was already one up on u from the start. Homie looked high af

Peter Ioannidis


Cold serv

No.2, I laughed so hard on that one....

Ethan Law

What if you’re lonely and are trying to sneak you watching videos when your mom thinks your asleep Matthias

Kayron Porter

batman was for next game aka arkham knight

Logan Pugh

RIP Donkey Lady

Dustin Longoria

So awesome

Lachie Dabs

It kinda is teeball by the way

''Mad Jack'' a.k.a ReDLynx22

(Valve Games= the best) Steam=a f**king s*it


2 point away from putting these bitches away...

César Andrei

easter eggs do cão

Unknkwn_ potato

Watching Fortnite 1 minute later… on this YouTube video HOW DID I EVEN GET HERE?

Katie MacKenzie

Go blue

Sarining Rahayu


angle dangle

Your a mythbuster

Storm The Wolfdogfox

Im also autistic.

Andrew Erickson

0:33 who is controlling the dudes?

Jacob Ratliff

Roosevelt vs. Churchill 2


this isn’t even a theory its just that all you dumb kids didn’t fucking think about this back then or figure it out. it’s obvious they assumed we would just know it was never meant to be a theory it’s that simple it is the truth. I’ve always known this and it should’ve been obvious to Pokémon fans in the 90's and 2000's that ditto being a pinkish purple amoebic genetic goo sample who has similar powers yadda yadda yes, it’s a failed mew clone. its literally that simple your just over emphasizing and overthinking it turning it into a theory and speculation. we were kids so many kids never just understood the obviousness they assumed we would but they didn’t have to spell it out for us it’s just as it is. honestly once I start talking about this it’s hard to say anything else cause its literally just that simple Occam razer it’s not a theory this is cannon, I always assumed everyone knew this I knew it when I was a kid picking up on these obvious clues most kids didn’t sad.


i have plants vs zombie right next to me

PresetWolf 1

Two days in a row? Go on Guru!!

Janet Vinci

Sports battle 4-10????

Alberto Santos Serrena

me regalan un poco saltarin

Sari Iras

if disney went to crossover like wreck in ralph did

Tyson 15


One more situation thing ,a girl LOVES to play the drums ! Her older brother is all out supportive buying her drum pads ,drum sticks ,and music lessons (supportive),the father doesn't care much ,he doesn't go out of his way to buy all of the stuff she needs but doesn't refuse to buy her clothes or food (unsupportive), BUT THE MOTHER ,tries to break her drumming things that the girl and her brother bought ,constantly argues with her that a women shouldn't like drums ,insults her ,offends her ,and threatens her that if she doesn't get off the drums and stops playing ,she will never be able to see her friends til 18 (hateful/dislike). The reason u see things is cause ur on crack kid!!!


15:24 E.T rock?

Shayan Mubashir

i lov u cody

StarWars Nerd


Julie Baldridge

For all you who say Jeff Toney is Panda it doesn't say Mister P under Jeff Tony and says mr. T go to 1 minute and 40 seconds and pause it as Ty walks out of the conference room you'll see it