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Youp Jacobsen

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Pony shitting rainbows of doom, lol !

Jesus Mendieta

love the outro

Mika san

Do you guys know how to submit a story to minute videos?


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Just Survive Somehow

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XxBacon_ KambaxX

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reyam alsarraf

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Quynh Ho

This is giving me Black Mirror vibes. Great video!

Legendarous TV

“I didn’t go to school, your father didn’t go to school. You are a girl.”

Emily Ramsaroop

you all are awesome!!!!

Dana Karmella Tamayo

Am I the only one who thinks that their outfits are cuteee 😍

Back then all my crushes were anime boys -_-

just a smart guy

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John Doe

0:24 - If the woman with the sexy legs would have been in the chair when Lowry dove into the crowd, it would have been ugly.  He sailed over her empty chair, and almost took out the woman in the yellow sitting behind her.





What does he say at 4:49? Until something?

vicjy sharma

nice use of graphics and tricks

Danielle Nielson


Simon Lynx

Man, this game made the player really nervous at some point, NOPE all the way!



Bethany Foley’s ASMR

Honestly, watching this I feel like this story was taken right out of my life, because this is exactly what happened to me

Cherry cola

I feel like the girl in this story was under reacting

Angel Thorne

on the serious sam one when the faces came up I was already scared from a video I watched so I scrolled all the way to the commets DX AND almost had a heart attack :,(

Or does it have meaning?

I Do Stuff Productions

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Y Tho

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Negative Playz

2:48 that vid is real and it was uploaded roughly about then

Sophia Ulysse

What if one of her alters told the story and lied about the whole thing


Great work, as always. How the hell do you keep finding those? Do you shoot every door handle in the city? :D