Trade Entry Strategy

, when i enter trades. this is how every one of them are. type 1 type 2 or type 3, all with a specific plan. Type 1 - Fills the fastest and is in every tradeType 2 - Fills at the bottom, the cheapest price but doesn't always get filledType 3 - Fills on the way out of the turn around zone, but not always at the cheapest price with good volume.Email me - info@masterofpips.comWebsite -

Lovely Girl 1407

You did a great job at taking care of a person who needed the help she could get

Black Templar

Oh boy this comment is going to be amazing so many UN Biased opinions for me to see

Brooke Catherine


Good guys like us get criticized

Cat Bread

OMG it's been a long time since I've seen Rachel

Philip Jazz

Just if you missed: in the diner's WC you can see Fire Walk With Me written and overcrossed.


So that's why greek statues no longer have.... yeah.

emilio valenzuelalopez



this was a lie i tried myself

Pickle :D

Why? ._.

LR Vision

Something you don't know about,

ITZ_ERIC VidzChannel

Dude perfect what is your country my country is amarica

Research “Geo Engineering” which is basically chemtrails but renamed. They spray the sky and poison the water to dumb us down and stop us from reaching our full potential

Everything rocks

drink the hottest hot sauce lethel dose

Junpei Draws / Gacha

Next Story: I am a body builder, and my man is a tiny guy

x.Mắm _Lé.x

I don’t thing Anna got power in Frozen II :v

i’m sending my best vibes your way . i’m keeping you and Nate in my thoughts , and sending you the biggest of hugs 💞

Nick Sladden

There’s also a giant snake hanging off a tree near Rhodes in the firest

Fearless Idiot



How do you keep finding this stuff man , isn't it very hard?

Songbird Fire

Oh my gosh I remember the goat thing from THAW! I also remember if you hit the goat with the skateboard you get the "Whack the Goat" gap

Bottom Gamer

They don't call it the nose bleed section for nothing

botak gaming

Oh no! Whats happen to the ball!?!??!

Non Stop Jester Ibrahim Azeem

Who is in panda

Michelle Shin


Ahhahahah Ahhahahah

My body is ready, CD projekt Red

اميرة الأحزان

😘❤love kylie

SoaringObject9 Gaming

Anyone else see dj khaled on the senator name tags

dots_ music107

Title:"I save my gay friend with a kiss"

Just Samantha

never smokes, Even tho Is the first time. you'll want more And more. The gas they make, They make people sick too.