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Dieudonne Asanji

😂😂😂 this joke never stops being funny, prince ea of whatever 😂😂😂

JM Vila


Wyatt Kinard

280 yd unboxing

Sabrina Loya

9:40 🤨🤔🤔

om_gamer 1971

this game is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooool


Preconceived Notions



I would like for you to know that there is a easter egg about the walking dead not survival instinct but the telltale one when you have exit the sewers there are marks next to the doors of some of the houses in the walking dead Ep:4 and Ep:5 the people of kraford marked the houses with those signs i hope you can check this out :) .

Adoption is an option.

Kacper Treder Treder

Richard mille plain💰

Soft Retro

Good job on the video Guru!

And if it means that much to you overdramatised clickbating video . Get . An . Abortion. They exist!


In the trick shots with they red thing in the back you guy should make in go in.

Aditya Verma

I would be dead if the origin story of Johnny silverhand starts from his dog getting killed.


That EXPcalibur is good, but it's durability SUCKS!!!

Potato Chips

Me How many yes jokes are there gonna be ?Comment section YES

EnabledDisc 3334

Perfectly balanced. As all things should be..

argelis De la Cruz arias


soccer# arg

your stunts are amazing KEEP IT UP

Rekha Yeduvaka

This is exactly my story except to the part of diarrhea and tangling cord. I pushed 5 1/2 hrs - during 6 1/2 hrs, I was fainted for an hour or so. But by the time my boy came out, my vision completely blurred and I started shaking like anything- it’s due to loss of blood, dr said.


Straight robbery on the Dunks. Under $400

Captain Tripz

You know your horror movies ... very good. You forgot about the theater room It has posters of the movies, Mine: Super Power, Naked Men, Purple Dildo Weapon, Dubstep Gun (Awesome) , Bra's for men, (I,ve only playd 3) What r urs

Matt perfect // Mathis.d D

At the end Tyler said gerr it us ....

Alden Jon Dalumpines

Ok you guys really want him to go play game 5. I hope he doesn't get hurt. You guys just forced Leonard to go terminator mode.

Mark Villeda

These aren’t adaptations it’s just more human fuckery 🤦‍♂️

Fujoshi Chan

the music is from indonesia?right?

JesseGamer 15



There is no way that you didn't spot the crossed baby legs.


What's with all the interviews?!

Lil' meow meow

Once I fainted at school. Thanks to the math teacher that caught me, because I was about to fall and just hit my head on something.


Who still plays this game anymore?