Trader Subliminal (HD)

Trader Subliminal Video (Listen Only)Headphones OptionalThe subliminal messages can be found in the Trading Meditation 2 video, they are the same here except in audio subliminal format. credit: Please Like, share and subscribe - thanks for watching!Also visit my website for regular articles about the mind and trading:Credits: Calm Ocean Waves On Shore 001credit:

Atul Tripathi

masters of physics

Bxngz YT

2:23 sarcasm: no garret you went forwards


Michał Kotulski

You should do airsoft trick shots


How didn't the ball pop

my husband was actually my uncle😂


the dancing easter egg is the fucking best!! xddds


reads title

Emma Staub

6:20-6:48 TY BEAT THE RECORD BY 64.9 FEET!!


I need a colaboration with Eminem dude


I wonder how many hours he trained!!!

Random Vids

IT’S AARON RODERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent jay la vassei

I like your story am now only grade 6 12 years old the oldest in our school but get bullied a lot then my teacher ask me if a can be the mc master of ceremony my classmate were shock of my hidden talent but today nothing still change

But no problem supporting you man! Your content has always been professional and very humorous, especially at the endings. Me helping you with the Megladon in Battlefield 4 was my best time in that game (and I spent over $120 on it when it was brand new). :)


I guess that everyone who doesnt have the licence yet will say backseat driver

the admin

Could you guys make and attempt to try various tapioca puddings but replace the tapioca with something else such as fried okra or hominy?

Erin Jacob

This is a really good idea keep up the good work

Isabella Seppala

I have a friend who is autistic and we are good friends cus everyone so rude to him! He is really funny and likes cats

Mike Mcgowan

Do you what to know was is funny my dad


lol I'm watching this video 4 years after it came out.... LiT

Tabrez Mohun

Is this gun in sale

Sara Stockman

You inspired many people with your storys and give people hope plz keep this up 😄

Sam Maitland

I feel guilty for my brother's suicide. No one was to bkane though. I have PTSD though because of it... I love you big brother. I hope you're happy now. R.I.P. Johnathan Robert Paul Ermel 4/9/98- 5/28/18.


He said this guy shouldn't do easter eggs over Zelda because it's childish.

Aiden Palma

panda panda panda

But you could lock it down, I could tell by how you treat me


I'm not a technician...I don't know how it's fake but it just gotta be.Hell Larry Freaking Bird wouldn'thave made that shot!!

gameon mustafa

3:14 u can see Tylor back there dancing


Always waiting for rage monster

Uk Bikelife

4:46 beautiful red head

Vũ Minh Khôi

I saw that panda did try abit of soccer

Fajer2213 lari

Where is the join button

Artem Shkabruk

Let's say Gears of War won that year

Looks at my life

Midz Rahhh

HOPEFULLY THER "gRaMmEr " ...... wtf bryone