In this animated video summary, I will share the top 5 takeaways from Alexander Elder’s classic on how to become a stock market magician – Trading for a Living.📈 Learn more from some of the world’s greatest trading wizards 📈- Top 5 Takeaways from Trading in the Zone: - Top 5 Takeaways from Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom: Support the channel by getting Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder (or any other two audiobooks) FREE by signing up here: Top 5 Takeaways:01:27 1. The Three Pillars of Trading02:53 2. How to Keep Your Emotions in Check04:45 3. One Indicator to Rule Them All?07:56 4. The Triple Screen Trading System10:49 5. Money Management 101Trading for a Living’s successful trading is based on three M's: Mind, Method, and Money. Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder helps you master all of those three areas:* How to become a cool, calm, and collected trader* How to profit from reading the behavior of the market crowd* How to develop a powerful trading system* How to find the trades with the best odds of success* How to find entry and exit points, set stops, and take profitsTrading for a Living helps you discipline your Mind, shows you the Methods for trading the markets, and shows you how to manage Money in your trading accounts so that no string of losses can kick you out of the game (2% equity rule). Alexander Elder has also written a new version of his old classic: The New Trading for a Living, which you should consider as well.

That is until they finally decided to name my condition MCDD and started to put all their focus on that. They gave me a book to read that talks about MCDD and I recognize so many things inside that book. It also makes me realized on how mentally unstable I can be. It is like my brain doesn't have a clue how to deal with its own signals. The psychologists decided to name it PDD-NOS/MCDD so that they can make it somehow official so that my insurance can still pay for my medication.

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