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Joe Abougosh

Who's Watching This In 2017? * The stilt space can be used for casual storage, parking, and a place to play on rainy days. Utilities are on the main floor.

Lps Anxiety And depression

I am a 11 year old and last year i got told I have the same thing but I think I have other stuff I what to kill myself

Catherine Schwartz

I wonder how many tries it takes them to do it?.

Cursed Wither

that skyrim skeleton had a arrow in his knee now he is a guard

Ryan Downing

There’s none of it there because they won’t sell enough to make their money back

nick Gaming

Get noob

Alex Hooey

those 2 guys shud join dude perfect

Jonathan Liao

The Lakers would’ve made it to the Finals if LeBron, Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram, and Tyson didn’t get injured. 😫😫😫

Ludwig Kern

Oh yeah najui

Horus Lux

I also voted pizza party...

Russian Doggo

This convinced me to do my homework

Tuli TV

kim jong un wants to know your location


fizza hamdule

I love the message that the being is brave enough to be true to themselves , yes they should become to be able to stand up for themselves. But they stay strong for themselves and not give in to be a bully themselves or give into peer pressure.

Trevor Dunning

Giannis Antetokounmpo.


same sousuke

Tori Bot

i love your vids


Huh? Neat.

Final Redemption

Kylie your video was good quality content. And I have a proposal for you. Kylie, I was wondering if you would enlighten and educate the world on how you became a Billionaire in only 3 short years?

Treyton Follick

Stephen Curry all the way

Sadie Epoch

Ann-ziety? It's anxiety. Sry it just really bothered me the way u pronounced.

Btw it's xena princess warrior and the girl with the staff is gabbreielle

Ron Gaming

lol first?