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oh no 😳


I heard that the rating is really bad. But i really wanna try the game.


them hospitals in america is all about money, so glad where i live there are public and private health care

Aiden Blake

sad nigga hours


I'm pretty sure it is a pokedex conformation about ditto...

dantrez watson

I am so tired of these people puting dislikes, her baby died and they dislike it thats mess up RIP lots of love little one 😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤😪😪😪😪😢😢😢😢💖💖💖💖💖😔😔😔😔

isla claire

So the movie is about Elsa finding the source of her powers? Cool

The BikingGamer 345710

Hey it’s mister Change your Apartment change the world

Poseidon vs Katara (Water people)

Kyle Trautman

Is that the shermonantier

Coby: CalIFoRnIA

Gomemineri Gameplay

Rage monster is a savage streotypes

Shpligaphlorp Izdabest

Was it weird that I laughed though the entire video

Benji Roberts

Its cool how they look like stickmen

PasteKat YT

I am bipolar and autist... and i'm not able to have friends...

Kool Kiwiz

The same thing happened to my cousin Natalie. Now she is in a bluegrass band and playing the fiddle (she is also 5’1 same height as me)

Hopefully, we don't have no babies (Ooh)

Lewis Hercus

Good but not the best one :)

joana cordero

I can't wait for BLACKPINK JISOO and LISA dubb some scenes of this season 2 😂😂 Hit it for those who are waiting for it too 😊👍

Kim Seokjin

so she's depressed because she's healthy.


This is old? The game came out today and I'm the first to post it.

Aly Ramy

Garrett 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Adam ponger

U deserve more subscribers u always pull out cool facts and ways to get stuff and do stuff without commentating everything that's happening keep up the good work!



“But this isn’t a house” so your homeless?

Sara It’s The TRUTH

Thanks...i’m not sure I have it yet though...

Jason DeCoteau

If only he wasn't trash...

William Shakes The Spear

The cat in the painting is my cat 😕

Connor Helsten

You should do a Mystery Unboxing where you can get stuff out of the boxes


Get a puppy

i drink way too much coffee, take random naps, i work out everyday, im also a gymnast, oh and live in hoodies and pull random all nighters

YoutubeUnicorn_2713 DAB POLICE

it brings back memorieswhen i look at when uploaded 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

shotiko gamer tv

How are you throwing like that pls make one more video where you will teach we

Benjamin Herbst

How much do you wanna bet it’s the same shark they catch


I just realized this. Skip is the nicholas cage of sports media. Things just dont make sense...."No, not the bees. Not the bees. Aaahhhhhhhhhrnekeiwoskxjcur"


Gaybox hahahahaha


Great vids, BUT the music always sucks!!!

Adrian Fonseca

Dude all these records werebroken 10minutes after this vidoe went up .. let's see these guys run a lap or something

Ninotschka Redido

Me: tearing at the same time proud my kookie💜

Guilherme Silva

It's really this?

What did it cost?


Shes so happy and upbeat. She sounds like a newscaster

Nadia Danielle

You're a witch Elsa!And your patronus is a horse?

Pablo Vasquez Pocasangre

Stop fucking copying Pewdiepie


Shashwat Tiwari

They deserve 0 dislikes.

Giovanni Delli Bergoli

0:50 really?ARE YOU SERIOUS?


2:44 did anyone see Ty high five the wall