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kamran butt

At 2.50 which is the stadium


Use me as a polo g is a goat button

Defaulty Boi

I think moto moto likes you.

Jacob Drury

What's brown and sticky... a stick


2:41 the knife didn't stick to the tragget


Haha those haircuts

Devansh Gohil

Eden Hazard


Tiffany Butry

Go fire emblem

sonia chavez

Ty is the rage monster again on overtime

Communist International & Co.

4:13 Pepper Pig???


ty was the only one shooting

Lucky Førtunę

The Zelda Easter egg was so heartwarming.

Dwi Chandra

No syark syark is not gud

Sirsak K c

Am I employed

Leon Smith

I like how I'm the 1000th comment

Ahmed Hirsi Jimale - Elev Saltöskolan 6A

You guys are phnemonal

The Gaming Knight

Why don't u guys invite messi for an episode??

napalm hawk

Honey buns for days


Nardwuar goes sneaker shopping with Complex

Attackonaphmausbutler -



Coby is the best !!!


5:00 i didn't know that voldemort's voice could be a tingel for me!😂

Jade Steven's


Shark puppets 8 Cousin

4:33 I wish this was a real thing

Gage Grogan

boddle head

xPastel Playsx


vijay kalava



How about the easter eggs - if there are any - of LOTR/The Hobbit movies?

CoolCat Garcia

Wow, look at the video length


Can you get more typical than "Everything we like is democracy and if democracy doesn't work well, it's not real democracy because reasons"? You just can't make this shit up...

Matthew McCabe

0:46 moms spaggenhetti

Uniquee Waves

Prayers for KD. He played with so much heart and destroyed his body for not only his team but for the same people who ridicule and call him soft. I’m not a warriors fan but after tonight I never want to hear someone call this man soft again. Congrats on the win dubs

RebelliousBeanie !

weird flex but ok

Susan Vollenweider

Ok, that may have been your greatest shot yet.

nellie pagan

Me and my sister are identical twins and my mom didn't know that she was having twins until she gave birth the doctor told her that we were back-to-back and our heartbeats were beating at the same time so that's why they couldn't see that there was two inside her stomach

Safa Wahabzadeh


JG system

You should've done the monkey-people family in.... Halo 3 I think it was. An easy but creepy Easter egg

Saravanan G

Coc movie was expected by fans