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Hey You

Guru did my boy dirty, i see.

Kamallistic Kids


joe King

You are really good at trick shots

if u didnt understand this :

Thuong Pham Van

the girl is talking

Omer Erdem

Cmn i had to skip the next part because i am fasting

Alan Walker

I go for Brazil but I know France is going to win

Pedro Rojas Aldea

excelente vídeo amigo, excellent video friend :D

Animal Jam Scamming Team

im watching in 2018

Indira Safa

jinyoung jinyoung jinyoung , i heard that

Curtis games 123

Well dun coby

Roi Han

you forget guitar and bear doll

Vloop Doop


Jt Animations

If only they lived in canada

X- Hornet

Ppdude perf

Armenia 2019

For the first time in the morning

Branton McMahan

Tim is an alum of the film school I'm going to right now.

Cinder Games

Uniuersity or University? 😂

zRex -

No one cares about 1st comments

X Almeida PT

07:44 thats fucked up

Marlyn Pradas

I fond alien pictures eeg

0 0

Before was counter strike in the present was l4d and into the future was portal but then portal time warped into counter strike because of the portal gun this is a great theory


+Dude Perfect how many views do u have


gta 4 was a big disappointment for me. hopefully 5 will be awesome.

Fodrigo Raro


Ben Creegan

dat wasnt a jump scare

that would be me


“How little do you think of me”Bruh??Wat da heck?!You abused your child did you just forgot the words you've said??I swear if i was there i would roast you so badly like non-stop😠😠

Tiny Tim

Alright, I want to get a better sleep schedule now! Probably works at audible, the destination to all things anime. founded by two broke college kids who wanted to wear stylish watches, but couldn’t afford them, so they made their own dang watch company! this kinda Reminds me of blue apron. they help you cook good! blue apron’s mission is to make home cooking Incredibly accessable to everyone! for less than 10 dollars per person per meal. they deliver a fun box of geeky nerdy Sci-fi comic-booky stuff straight to your doorstep that are ready to drink in like thirty seconds. erin and i have at least One hour right before they air in japan. with a video doorbell and motion activated floodlight cam, the starter kit has everything you Need to build a ring of security around your home. reminder that includes Everything on crunchyroll and so so so much more. Again that’s


i legit just left New York about a day ago.... god, rest in peace pilot....this is horrible.. but, to be flying in weather such as that would most likely result in a crash, and it did.. but the pilot was experienced, so it was probably a fault with the helicopter itself...still, this is terrible


you guys should go to camp sayer

The Grande Fan

4:55 I'm disgusted by humans.... literally we have to give money to others just to live! And also humans know how to make bombs, guns etc but don't know how to save the earth? I'm disgusted....

Hazeena Najeeb

Very nice

Kazbolat Talobzak

"the next chapter of the legendary franchise launching holiday 2020 with Project Scarlett"

John Parrack

is it just me who's stressed about all those skittles that fell in the pond



like if you think the guy above me is just a fucking attentionwhore


Olivia Rowhm

Excuse me amazon package came late

Fortune 2018


Patrick Kvaale

That last one... it was pretty unexpected



How far was the even longer ball

Natasha Demo


ooobabymydoggaming yt

rip dude perfect court

ghostie playz



Do a trick shot video with Patrick Mahomes from KansasCity Chiefs

Gabby Guydosh

If ty gets picked for wheel unfortunate what will happen to Ned forester?

Ged Unsworth

What sorry what a complete fucking fake.


He never lets us down with his iconic openings!!

manmohansaĺnl very good film. Sibgh

world 1 bowler in American

Fouxcus reicher

evolution of fishin



If this channel posted more often it would be one of the biggest channels, professional and calming

Sure 2. That's not The Last of Us Easter egg, that's Uncharted 3 Easter egg.