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Xx_ItzGalaxy girl_xX

It's so sad (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) I would rather let her have my life because she worth more to me

PSA by Niko Editz

Emily Sexton

I have down sindome

Greyson Mills

Alright. Im not trying to start a war here, but what was (in your opinion) the best CoD game?


Ramos will be good at this

Esther Marie CisPhelan

Jeff is amazing.


Just be a YouTuber then you have the skill

theres a bomb in my car


Well.....Can I have the phone?


Vin YT

Is the camera man are in backward????? Leave a like if he is in backward


Shit they’re stepping up their game

Sophie Rose

If this tour goes well will you possibly have one show in Canada if you do another

Otto Falke

Panda should be in more Videos

Noob Banana

*Childhood flashback*

bhoumik swami

please teach me also

Travis Elder

@4:08 is it me or did Tyler drop the F bomb😂

Andor Dénes

I'm still wondering who and why dislikes this.

Gacha Ads

You know what this channel should be called?

Connor Cook

panda or ty

Sir Cleduffy

For some reasons I get my ads in Spanish

“Hey ur pretty”

Kn'kinoy phml





just take it down already fucking christ.

• Eva •

Emma has stopped using her quirky effects;(anyone else noticed?


But it's good that takes skills


Moto Moto: I like em big, I like em chunky

Blue Unicorn15

I had a dream. I was in a place unaware of my surroundings. I sat in a bed but it wasn't my room.i felt a motion on my back. And when I looked up I saw it. A black figure tall and bony. I wanted to scream but not even a peep came out. It yelled my name. I was to scared some jolted up and I was awake. It was my mom only calling my name.

Dark Panther

that tatoo was fake LOL

Alicia Sheargold

Will the palette be available all year round?? Cus it should be

Gaming Panda

I hate the rage monster

Max Fumeaux

Where can I find that katana?

Nomi The Gammer

I love the range master🤣🤣🤣🤣

アンデッド command processing overhead

I Played this Game so Long as a Kid I knew all this by myself :D

Joseph Uresti


Bri D

We love our troubled, emotionally intelligent white rappers😍 Eminem definitely walked so they could run. No hate at all this is the shit

Juju Hockey


Tom King

*insert witty line involving: "115" here.*

Mr. Crabs human son



Shoot off all the arms. After that, shoot off the arms and heads.

DYLANmadrigal TV

I'm watching it in 2017

Ju V. B.

Só vou assistir se tiver a cena que a Damaris falou! 😂😂😂

Ebouse Tv

what the,were r u going

Sentento Jr Pro skin

Ty should be the new goat just saying I known Tom Brady can’t do that