Understanding the price action in Crude Oil Trading (CL)

Had so many people ask me how I figured out that CL would squeeze all the shorts up I did a video explaining the price action that led me to that conclution



iTz Kyle HD

I'm practicing on the cops cause the shooting range doesn't bring targets that shoot back at you cops do, makes it a challenge for me

Jdsman 31899

sighs and more proof you adults still fail to do stuff that kids can do back in the ol’ days.


So did no one else attend your school

Jordan Monson

Hehehe the trophy looks likea peen

Ethan Hi

Idk when I watched this but I will watch it again

Tweedy Lysa

Coby got taller

anthony gurrola

run fat man run

Ludovic E

I love your voice, and it was absolutely perfect to narrate this last easter egg, you should use it more often :D and I am a huge french fan of your easter eggs series, soon you'll conquer the world with them !!! :D keep doing what you do, it's perfect <3

bernardo games

Oi eu adoro voce

Aseria Slayer of potato chips

Well f*** you too Anne...

Qiao Yun Cheh

well explained! so so so grateful for this

Or at all.

You just never die don't you.

Jasim Ali

What is the cost of these Cars?.


She does not have OCD. She has the symtoms of P.A.N.D.A.S. I know that because I have that. She does have OCD which is caused from P.A.N.D.A.S. What im trying to say is it is not normal OCD. I hope she reads this. Get well soon ♡ You have hope like me, it WILL get better ♡ I still am not OCD and P.A.N.D.A.S. free yet. But I am getting better mentally. ♡

Grey Shadows

That ending scared me, and I was trying to figure it out. Also us there gonna be a part 2???

Joel Embiid

T-T their poor daughter..

Denise Robinson

My daddy is like that minus the cancerAnd he didn’t die I just got real bad that it

Man Bung


Thomas Fontecha

That's cool how Koreans can make up an English names

Dj R

I'm from Holland

Danielle Lloyd

Losing a pet is as difficult as losing a family member, so sad for you loss xxx

wannabe aussie

She is the epitome of a character from Split Hopefully we don't have no babies I put a ping pong ball inside the balloon."

Orion Perry

dude your parents don’t care about you being a homophobe because they are homophobic too and obviously raised you to have these wack ass opinions and be as stupid and close minded as they are

jitesh Gupta

Hello guys I’m mr.rage Yo

Red Eye Tv


muhammad akhyar

Wajar gk sih cowo suka frozen?

Gerie Tanabe

Sooo is this a real story? :-:

Alexander Schlosser

June 2019 anyone


like watching in 2016

Perfurador Rosa

i love you

Rach #

Music gave me chills...😇

Anderson Starr


I John 4:10 This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

People fear me

Golden Jooner23

1% of the video comments is normal. 99% Of the old guy

Shane Sroczenski

The noob

The joint Club

I am you’re number one fan


I get nauseous and the back of my head feels like it’s burning and I want to cry


I always loved the ending to scott pilgrim the movie

Surfer: talks

Sophia channel Cuthbert

I'm from Bangkok


Where in the world did you find this game? Ive never even heard of it!



maincharacter 707

Dia mandi pakai pemutih baju!!!???? edan sih itu OCD nya keterlaluan kasian bgt.Aku juga OCD sih, dulu aku kalau mau cuci tangan pakai detergent gitu loh sumpah edan tapi sampai 2 tahun lebihlah aku berhenti cuci tangan pakai detergent karena sadar kalau tanganku mulai mengelupas ngelupas gt dan berdarah-darah.Dan sama banget tuh aku ma cewek itu suka pakai baju lengan panjang sm celana panjang walaupun udara panas gak papa dan gak peduli yang penting gak ada sentuhan dari orang lain stay clean lah pokoknya heheheh jd curhat.Oh iya OCD ku belum sembuh-sembuh juga sampai sekarang tapi gak separah dulu sih.

Philip Bradley

Love her!!!

Timo Geis

Thats very cool


What is the music gerne called that you use on your videos?

Jayo YT

Actually happened


Also, if you're gonna make up some bullshit story to "start a conversation about respecting other people's opinions" please have your example be an actual opinion and not just,, blatant hatred and disrespect? It could be something as simple as "I like orange jelly beans and you prefer green, but I respect that". Jeez, just don't make it "I deadass don't agree with an entire fucking community's existence but that's okay because i'm entitled to my own opinion!" Seriously, did you even think this shit through before you uploaded it?