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275687173013 Daniel

i love you travis

Narcotic NC

Can you do a theory on the channel of 01a51cd0

Sue Me


Tony Ferro

Anyone else come here after overtime 7 to see Ty when he used to eat 2 burgers a day?

Cory Miller

Rolling down the hill haha

Merran Vlogs

Thank you for sharing your story for those of us who struggle.

Rest In Peace.


literally all the comments say the same thing so ima say this because I'm me IF ONE OF Y'ALL DAMN TRUMP LOVERS COME OVER HERE AND SAY SHIT-

Mr H.

Messy footall player

Calvin Danielson

dp will never fall apart! i now you wont fall apart!

meep beep

Me: So-

Max Heinz

I remember watching this for the first time lol


900 likes and 300 views wow thy need to fix this......


I'd like to see a - PC parody to this. 😂


I feel like every people in dude perfect has infinite IQ

Alexander Shaw

Matilda! I remember rewinding that scene and re listening to it because I liked the sound. This was before I knew what ASMR was.


flipflop liklok

I took a breath of air


Anna has fire

Owen Nowak


Brian Yildirim

I wish I could have as much fun as these guys do every day.

Little Forest

this looks amazing im actually excited !!

Carlos Vilches Diaz


anxiety sucks so much


I really hope T Swift will be on this show once

Muhammad Anis



I wish there were more distinct voices