Usapang Forex Trading: Basic Overview

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Lucas James

Where’s garret☹️😢

Adam Hanneman

Loved it Guru, but that music.... Not so much.


I found an easter egg in scott pilgrem vs the world its a trieforce


Never forget where you came from 🤘🏽


Cody your 6,6 and you can’t dunk apparently

Saara Daniela

wow...this made me have chills 🙊


The monkey family, Halo 3

jacob vicknair

Theres also a headless horseman easteregg

Cam Berry

only good for killcams, really.

Sunday Wong

All sad day will come to an end but life is not always rainbow and sunshine 😶

Michelle Huang

Twins: Museum or dumpster?Everyone else: DUMPSTER

zedrik pownell

This game was one a few reasons i wanted a ps3 because it is so awsome, but i never got one.

Luis Vega

I have a dirt bike

Leo Robles

Do a twin video

fake cheloo

this actually better than all videos on dp channel


Gotta wait before pre ordering. The only publisher worthy of pre ordering is cdpr oof

Messy Frenzy

Adoption is an option.....

Yanna Bröjer

Im glad for u

Arch Infinity

Spoons much? ;)

Eddy Gonzalez



I Meant the Real Bigfoot

Awa Jorbarteh

I wanted to go soooooo bad but I could not get a ride to LA and I don’t have enough money to get a ticket but I will still support u guys♥️♥️😭

Willow Stonesea

I am 11 and have OCD, ANXIETY, AND ADHD my depression is gone I got a new horse so it’s gone now XD this fast wow my room is clean I am so proud of myself

Polite Guy

Wow not one comment about “one like= one prayer🙏🏻” good YouTube comments.

0 _ 0

I love ❤️ this vid

Bee Phenix

Ann’s soooo mean


Cardi B in the background: you should've put something in that drink

Sathvik Pai

Bro high school BBallers can do most of these without a trampoline

grayson: screaming his head off telling ethan he told him so

popoter 69

The music is Radiohead?

Sjieke_ Dinges

WoW, respect

Josette Taylor

I feel every woman gets more beautiful as they age. Your look is amazing today. BTW, would Scott do a few brush giveaways through your channel? They look amazing but I can’t afford them. Thanks, Tati.💖

Awesome Bros

When will coby ever win a battle

Braden Matthews



That sick moment when you find out Kid Guru listens to

Kevin Hernandez

i sorta expected the knome one to make keemstar noises


2:51 Cody dabed! lol.

Arnes Ba

it didnt count it hit the backboard