USDCAD - 30 May 2019 - Forex Trade Setups Everyday

Today, we have 1 new trade setup along with the hotlist updates.TO JOIN THE TRADING GROUP: of the Hotlist Items: GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD, NZDJPY, XAUUSD,WHAT IS HOTLIST? It's a short list that contains the previously sharing charts which we still have an active trade or a pending order or a valid trade setup.DISCLAIMER: Don't invest more money than you can afford to lose. Trading carries a high degree of risk. Everything here is my personal opinion, should not be considered as trade calls.Webpage: Tradingview: Twitter: Patreon:

Dechi Dowatsang

Good tittle

Anna Davis

Allison:He's not gay

Bailey King

Your photoshop skills are ridiculous

Arlo Seasen

What golf clubs are you using

Luke Millar

Canada rules

꧁༒Alex•ꮆꮶꮪ•ッ ༒

Me dio gana de volverlo a jugar

Jim Bob

Hi, could you please tell me what the music that plays for the first five or so minutes is? I looked in the playlist you provided but it doesn't sound like its one of them. Thankyou

P.s. A moon shaped pool is a great album :]


You missed the Hamlet Easter egg in the same room as the Doom creature toy, it's a skull to the right of the toy you can pick up and he says "alas poor yorrick" (or however you spell it) then nearly drops it

Srdjan Ilic

1:05 why the moon

claire d


big chungus

2:30 pennywise

Dorcas Martin

Tom Brady is a cry baby


That thing at 2:05...i think thats a word just with the contrast way out of wack...if someone adjusts that....maybe...i dont know though...

Luvie Singh

I'm watching. in 2017


and boss

Gannon Walser

Lets see another all sports battle!!

Potato 13

The bloopers are so funny 😂

Tomas Pullar

Billy from stranger things?!(Red shirt power ranger, boy)

Naweed Hussain


Bryan Salinas-Morales

I feel like panda might be Tyler’s secret brother

Realized the truth

Abused Satan

Why you changed your profile picture

Mr. Minsu

Trending in the USA


Lets badass

Noah Mukthar

use the kukuri


Michael Jordon

The Dolphin Violinist

My dad works for Southwest, this is awesome. Hope you fly us soon. 😊


Manziel is a lucky prick

5Ratar 45

Do these guys even try?


games a joke honestly.


If you a a perv then like this comment


The browns😂


Your videos are the best!

Joe Thill

Like the shotgun shot


15 trending in México

Furkan Demirtas

Nice video bro

Adam Pageau


Nazar Ayyoth Parambath

Any body seeing 2019 2020

ninja lame

Yama-san surprised face just made my day!

Fortnite Bros

Dude perfect is the best


Same like me i got struckted by lightning when i was 5 . Still remember it.

Al Rey

It's looks too fantasy, it doesn't fit the movie, also it's looks a little too serious and dark doesn't it..... I dunno, hope it's not a try hard movie as I think it's gonna be.


Can't wait for Bully 2.

Orbitxl Stxr

Love from the Sydney Australia! ❤️❤️

Alan Peck

Sophie Senpai

Stress? Mist

Anna Benedetti

I'm very lucky to be aware of this and am going on a diet but not really lol. All my friends are le HTF DO YOU EA SO MUCH AND STAY SO THIN!!! Answer, pure cardio, eat greens, get vaccines, and a fast metabolism, also a supporting friend group and you can live your truest life!!! That's my motto!! All tho that fast ,metabolism isn't here to stay!! XD

Kuzma: damn 1:24